New bike insurance - London...


I have been thinking about getting a new bike for a long time as I use it every day for commuting. Had my beat up GSX650F for years - everything that could be broken is broken on that bike but it still rides!

Had a test ride on the new '19 MT09 with a racing Akra exhaust. The slipper clutch with a quickshifter is honestly something else.

I was sold.

Yamaha is doing 2.9%APR for a new MT09 atm so it’s a great deal. I was pretty much ready to buy but I thought I’d check my insurance first.

So I’ve been paying around 300-400£ free netflix android 9 for my GSX650F and around 450£ for my KTM 640 ADV. I’ve finally turned 25 as well so I thought it’s not going to be that bad. Cheapest quote for a new MT09? £1500. London…

Just out of curiosity changed the address to Bournemouth where I used to live - £600.

It’s a joke. And I’m really sad now


It’s got so bad, some dealers are refusing to take a deposit until you can confirm you are able to get insurance.

£1,500 for a desirable bike doesn’t surprise me.


What Mike says.

I’d love to get me an MT 07, and tbh it is not even the money on the insurance, it is the simple fact that some shite will at some point nick it! and that would piss me off more than the money so I’ll carry on with my ole girl for now until I move somewhere with less aspiring footballers.


I test ride the tracer 900 get on Saturday again a great bike did my math and it was a great deal until I checked insurance £1530 very unhappy was gonna be a 40th present to myself


I think in bike land you are not out of the hooligan bracket until you are over 30. I seem to remember my quotes coming down when I got to that age.


i’d be happy if i could get under 2k


The next time I see 30 will be on a house door.

For me, the problem is postcode.


That does sound a bit expensive but probably not when you’re 25 and living London. I paid £1300 for my MT-09 back in 2014 even though I was way younger than you.