New bike arrived.... On sat!!!!!

Well I finally paid off the K7 750 in full saturday and although its not meant to be ridden until thursday (1st March) they let me bring him home sat and now I feel like running round
I’m trying to contain myself here…

She’s looking horny sat there in my garage all black and shiny getting all the carbon bits, levers and crash protectors fitted GRRRRRRR
I’m sooooo excited!!!

Its soooooo hard not to take her for a quick spin with this lovely weather today too

Before and after picys posted soon

I don’t think I’d be able to resist taking her out - especially as it’s such a nice day

Nice one girl!! Be careful FFS and easy with the chest exposure, not sure The Chilterns is ready for that !!!

Looking forward to seeing it

Carla? is that the same bike and colour as Foxys one? are u gonna be twins? Lovely bike though, whatever…and all yours…! Be good to see you about girl…arent u going to france?

Brilliant, see you both soon?!

Ohh yeah, just looked at old threads and saw that!!! Lucky lucky foxy

Yes I had to buy mine myself and i waited till now so I could have it on the 07 plate, still can’t bloody ride it until thurs GRRR

Pictures! We’ve gotta have pictures!

(And if you could take a few of the new bike, that would be ok too. )

Seriously, though…congratulations on the new bike…sounds like a stunner! Why can’t you ride it until Thursday?

Cos thurs is March the 1st and its on a 07 plate, no matter what size the plate is I’m sure to get pulled riding a bike with 07 on the plate lol

I guess I don’t understand tag requirements in the UK…but that’s ok. Just another dumb Yank.

Here in the States, you buy a bike and are issued a “30 day tag”…you have 30 days to visit the tag office, pay your property tax and get your new tag. Tags are good for 1 year…and expire based on the first letter of your last name. For example, my last name begins with “S”…so my tags expire each year in October. Someone who’s last name begins with “A” would have their tag expire each year in January.

So you could be worse or better off getting married then depending what your husbands surname is …

What? No no no, it’s just one calendar year from the tag purchase and I thought it was 45 days to pay tax on the bike cuz the temp tags last for 45 days…?

Where did you get the name thing? The heat must be gettin’ to ya.

Titling a new vehicle…

Renewing your tag based on the first letter of your last name…

If you’re all but going to call me a liar, you should at least take the time to ensure that you have your sh$t straight first, eh? I LIVE here…I have 3 vehicles…I know how it’s done, mate…

I by no means meant that to be offensive, it was my fault that I didn’t do my research before posting.

Wyoming and Kansas have different methods of titling and tag renewals. I was just being forgetful of the fact that they are both not federal matters and therefore can differ considerably amongst the states.

Sorry again if you were insulted, totally me being wrong.

I thought about that after I posted…that Wyoming and Kansas probably have completely different rules when it comes to vehicle title and registrations as it’s a State matter rather than a “universal” Federal matter.

We’ll call this one a good “no call” and move on…No harm, no foul, eh?

Sounds good.

Nice to hear of another new Gixer on the road

/on topic

I apologize for the earlier threadjack…

I can’t wait to see the pics of your new pride and joy…the new GSX-Rs are amazing!

Ohh that was exciting for a while !!! ha ha…

Carla always goes for the good looking bikes…she had a honda (my preference) for a while there as well !!!