New Average Speed Cameras on A316?

Hi All

I’ve been commuting by bike from the Sunningdale area to Mayfair for about four years but joined LB today after a thoughtful fellow rider (no doubt an LB subscriber) pointed out new cameras on the A316 between Chiswick bridge and the Hogarth flyover. They didn’t look like the usual yellow box type camera and he said they were average speed cameras.

Can anyone tell me what they are, whether he is correct and where the average speed zone applies?


We’ve never given them a second thought as we always ride within the posted speed limits :wink:

Welcome to LB!
Also, I’m in Sunninghill, so hello. What you riding so I can wave in the morning?

Hello and welcome - you’re right in that the cameras are there but I don’t think they are active yet…at least not that I’ve noticed. They are the same type as that sit on the a40.

Bastards. That stretch used to be fun.
Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

What do they look like? Are they smaller square yellow boxes???