New Article Comments

Having just read the linked news article:

I have to say kudos to the comments!

I have just spent 15 minutes chuckling to myself :w00t:


Some people really let us down.

Totally agree.

The irony is quite tangible though, wouldn’t you agree?

Ive got to laugh at some of the attitudes of us guys, I went out on a ride a few years ago with a woman on an R1, I was on Rosie. I was at least 400yards in front of her on the A40 approaching Denham roundabout and as I was about to overtake a beemer she overtook us both at a rate of knots, and I was very impressed at the way she negotiated the roundabout with true kneedown fasion. She went round twice waiting for me to catch up.

I still havent gotten over the shame of the experience.