New Aprillia RSV4 Tuono

not sure about the headlight :sick:


Can you refresh our memory and allow us to make a considerd descision with a pic?O what the hell - I willI think it looks ok - rocking in fact. . . :cool:

err??? :blink: did you not see the 4 pics above??

In fact - I prefer it to the old one! Which I didn’t like the look of - I would actually want this one! :smiley:

Where? I can’t see any pics? :crazy:

dude!! there are 4 huge pics!!!


I’ll come out of IE explorer and try firefox. . . :crying:

Nope. . . :crazy:

:blink: can you see them now ?

I can see again! :w00t:

Are you sure your pics wasn’t just the test mule?

My finished one looks far nicer! :smiley:

motociclismo italy say that it is the finished article??? :blink:

your finished one is what they thought it may look.

i hope i am wrong tho :stuck_out_tongue:

What the f8ck - the headlight in your picture looks like a cheap after-market thing bought from a catalogue! :w00t:

thats exaclty what i thought!!

wot about the sodding great pipe

looks like a demon tweeks bitsa bike. terry-moto stylee :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :wink:

Is that the exhaust pipe!

I thought it was a pannier :smiley:

nice, like that!

But then im biased…