New Apple iPod touch

My Daughter wants a New Apple iPod Touch. Is this a phone or just a media player?:blush::alien:

Media player. iPod but with a touch screen rather than the circular click wheel on the front.It’s essentially an iPhone without the phone capability … she can put music and videos on it … as well as the “apps” people have on their iPhones … which in her case will probably just be games. She can also go on the internet with it if she’s near a wireless internet hotspot.



Ah! Oh-can-she-now?

Top post Mr-C:cool:

Looks like someone is not getting their iPod touch! It has excellant internet signal that can be used without the attention of their parents, not knowing what they actually are getting upto…:wink:

if you have skype on the new ones (3rd gen) you can kinda sorta use it like a phone, the earphone come with built in mic…but it requires you being near a wireless signal and i dont think u can call anything else other than other skype users…but cool lil feature