NEW and looking for MCN contacts :)

Okay I posted in the other section because I am a naughty girl, okay bit about me before I paste my lines.

Im 21 originally from Newcastle now moving to Ealing…TOMORROW! Pooping myself!!

I do modelling and promotions but dont seem to have a poker up my ar** Or a sign saying MODEWL stuck to my forehead!

Quite humerous(Northern trait)!

Well then here goes…

My original post…

Hi, Emma here! Now at the risk of getting my head chewed up and spat 8 mile, Im only asking.

Few days left and Im normally at most shows now. However would like to be a part of the MSN show. Any ideas, contacts?

Im a friendly person so dont be harsh.

I attract the right attention and make most sponsers proud, if anyone knows anything please contact me further xxxxxx

Yay, thats better.

Welcome to LB Emma. :slight_smile:

Just to let you know, there’s a newbie night up at the Ace coming soon - and Ealing is just down the road. The guys are great on here and Im sure you’ll be made to feel welcome, like we all have.

All the best. :smiley:

welcome Emma

hello and welcome, :smiley:

Hi there, welcome to LB. So what bike do you ride? :slight_smile:

Hi Emma

Nice to meet you :wink: Welcome to here :wink:

I can’t help you with the MCN show, but if you’re interested in becoming at brolly dolly at British Superbikes Rounds or UK Club bike racing rounds, please send me an email with some pics to [email protected] and if I think I can help, I’ll chat with a couple of people for you :wink:

Gabs (see below for example types of pics for your portfolio)

PPG - I’m also thinking of a career in umbrella holding. Can you send me some pictures as well, please. Just so I can get my portfolio right, you understand :):wink:

(And welcome to the newbie)

welcome to lb

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hiya - welcome to LB :smiley:

Hi and welcom:)

Hi & welcome :doze::laugh:

Yay!.. Another fellow northerner! :smiley:

Welcome to LB… :wink:

Ooh Helllllllooo!