New 2012 S1000RR - interesting updates

some interesting updates to the best sportsbike money can buy

• Optimised torque curve for improved ridability.
• Expansion from two to three performance curves (one each for Rain and
Sport modes and an additional one for Race and Slick modes); Rain mode
now 120 kW (163 hp).

• Reconfigured throttle for enhanced response (particularly gentle and
sensitive acceleration in Rain mode, and immediately direct and
spontaneous response in Sport, Race, and Slick modes).
• Reduced twisting force and tighter twistgrip angle.
• Smaller secondary ratio for boosted thrust.
• Refined tuning between Race ABS and Dynamic Traction Control (DTC).
• Enlarged cross sectional area of the intake air guide through the steering
head for greater air flow efficiency.
• Better handling, steering accuracy, and feedback.
• Revised spring elements for an even wider range of damping forces.
• Suspension geometry modified with new values for the steering head
angle, offset, position of the swing arm pivot, fork projection, and spring
strut length.
• New mechanical steering damper adjustable over ten levels.
• Forged and milled fork bridge in a new design and with a smaller offset.
•Revised design with a leaner tail section, redesigned side panels, centre
airbox cover with side aperture grilles, and winglets.

• For new colour variants: plain Racing Red with Alpine white, Bluefire,
Sapphire black metallic, BMW Motorrad Motorsport colours.

• Revised RR logo.
• New heel plates and leaner stabilisers on the passenger footrests.
• Redesigned LCD engine speed display for better readability and with five
dimming levels.
• Instrument cluster with the new functions “Best lap in progress” and
“Speedwarning”; deactivation of “Lamp” fault message when headlamp
or number plate carrier removed.
• Catalytic converters relocated, so no heat shield necessary.
• Expansion to the optional extras and special equipment ex works.

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They didn’t need to change much, but I thought they might have changed the suspension up front with Showa BPF units.