Never take a monday off work for a days riding

Hey all, what fan-flippin-floppin-tastic day for sunshine!..

Ive taken it off work for a ride around on my bike, been out since 9 and just got back at 12:45… done some lovely roads, ace corners… but my jesus of nazarth theres alot of hill billies about on the urban roads, plus I got caught up behind a learner on my favourite long twisty road, so thought id spin round at the end to give it another go… only to then get stuck behind a funeral prosession… then after that… the garbage truck… and another couple of learners. So thought if come back for a snack and wait awhile til going out again.

Does anyone have any little local road circuits they ride on a day off?/weekend?

i like going down to surrey…

the police down there aint very friendly though

Yeah surrey way would be fantastic on a day like today… im usually around farnbourgh area, endup up down at Eastbourne beach about 3 weeks ago, that was a good ride.

End of my road then left or right.

That’s because the don’t like foreign people :stuck_out_tongue: I never go down there;) Essex is fine for me:D

herts and essex lanes…

even got cagers warning us that the police are out setting up the odd speed trap:D