Need your help)

Hello Friends!:slight_smile:
Soon i’m going to visit London for some days. Could you plz give me bikes shops addresses where i could find some motoclothes/helmets/boots…
Specially i’m interested in buying Alpeinstars Tech 3 boots and Icons textile clothes…
Thanks for your help!)
Motofan from Ukraine))

i think may be interesting for you, they sell Icon stuff i think and some Alpinestars boots

if you are looking around Greenwich (tourist area ;)) then there is a shop called J & S Accessories not far from the train station, they have a large range of clothing (Alpinestars etc…)

i’m not sure if our prices in the UK will be interesting to you though :unsure:

Bought my 1st bike from here (When they sold bikes!) Yes I am that old!.


Thanks for nice links!:smiley: Think I’ll visit them.
Prices are not the main problem, more harder to find what i am looking for)
In our country Alpeinstars are only availibly through online order, but for me its too hard to find needed size such way…

Try Sidi boots if Alpinestars don’t fit properly; personally I can’t wear AS stuff, but Sidi is a different fit so try that as well if AS no good.

+1 I have a wide fitting and A/Stars won’t go near my tootsies wher Sidi are like slippers:D

That’s strange, I have feet like flippers, and I found the Sidi boots all to narrow but the Alpinestarts Effex GTX boots fit like a charm.

You also have the Infinity chain across London as well

Same here. AS just don’t fit; bit like Arai helmets.