Need to borrow spare helmet

Hi guys,

I was wondering if I could borrow a helmet (please not a crashed one) next week, as I have a visitor who I’d like to be able to take around, and haven’t invested in a spare yet. As it’s only for a couple of days, I was hoping maybe one of you guys would have one? (size S or XS). I can pay in beer if need be ^^


Where, when, how?

sorry, only got mediums

I don’t have one, but if you can’t find one to borrow (small size may be a problem), maybe hire one?

Theys guys do for example

So you got a bird visiting, want to show her round, but you not sure if she’s a keeper? :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t feel comfortable lending someone my £300 helmet but I’m sure you can hire? Have a Google.

i have one you can have…:smiley:


Well they did ask for a extra small one… :wink:




Correct, Gavin was implying you have an extremely small…oh never mind

Hi I have a old saucepan it looks a bit on the small side
And only has half handle
But on the plus side it is copper bottom
But I will need it back for Xmas As i need to cook the sprouts in it

Haha pretty sure she’s a keeper. Just she’s here for a few days this time and no point screwing around the shops finding a helmet in that time. I’ll get a hold of the hire places tomorrow and hopefully better luck there.

@Smiled… you scumbag haha ^^

You can buy em for less than £50… And they protect your brain. Worthy money.

lol at Pinhead