Need some supermoto advice guys and gals

Hey everyone, im new to motorcycles, ive been a driver for 11 years and now its time for me to ride! just passed my cbt and theory and am going for the whole A license so i can get any size bike. i dont own a bike yet.

I absolutely love the look of supermotos!im new to all this, so advice is welcome in any shape or form

ok so about me:

6’2" average build and weight.
Will be mostly riding around inner london for my commute, and outer london for exploring and riding for fun, maybe going down a few country lanes.
I loved the look of supermoto bikes as they are basically scramblers with road wheels right?

Now the questions:

what supermoto would - suit for my height?
-suit London, day and night so must have lights and indicator? and also maybe going down some country lanes exploring.
-im new to this so what size cc would be good for the above

  • ill be buying second hand and dont want to spend much more than £2000 really

So, thats it, any help would be amazing!!!

really for a new rider plus im guessing you want reliability id say a drz 400 or xt660

plus in london you dont want to be leaving a super moto laying around

i put max price 2300 into ebay and this was the only one that really stood out that is relibel can be left around without as much hassle as the rest for theft.

its allso allso got more power then the drz at 48bhp i think they are.

wow quick reply, thanks.

Yes i should have included a question about security , and reliability too, dont want to be messing around trying to fix things all the time.
thanks for the advice on bikes, i have a little space outside my house i could maybe install some kind of anchor, instead of having it on the road, if they are light enough to push up 1 step.

So you think 125cc might be a bit weak for my needs?

SMs are very desirable so if you’re leaving it outside it’s a risk, especially in london… If you’re going to do it, fit anchor, use almax chain, lockable cover and disclock to the front (chian and disclock to hold the cover in place)… Then if you want to spend more money, tracker will be the best thing to get it back if nicked. You also got to consider where you work and parking there.

I ride a 625 SMC and whilst it’s a nice little SM, I think I would have found it a bit too ‘agricultural’ as a first bike and not that good on comfort. Plus KTMs do need a bit more attention (sometimes) especially as things fall off because of the vibrations. Still it’s a good little bike and I’ve used it on occasion for commuting to London. As ross says, consider the XT660 or the DRZ. The SMC will also be limited for budget to get a decent nick one for under £2K. Not sure on prices for the 660

Personally I would get the DRZ as it’s more budget friendly (and supposedly bullet proof) but also you can get separate sets of wheels to use offroad as well. I think it would be better than the XT. Personally I now use my SMC mainly on days where I ride both on tarmac and greenlanes…

My opinion is not to get a 125 as you’ll get bored of that very quickly and will sell it losing money… I bought a 600 naked as my first bike and don’t think that’s too much. Ultimately it’s down to how much you twist the throttle… :slight_smile:

nps mate =] hope to see you around on one soon XD

about a 125 don’t lol this is my supermoto at the moment its a Yamaha dt 125 that i have converted and yes its heck loads of fun buy compaird to my 650 cheap as chips hack i would rather my 650 as it has so much more pulling power then my dt but i love riding my dt so i can go offroad and do lots of wheelies.

myself will be looking at getting a drz maybe next year as i want a more powerful offroad/supermoto but i will be keeping my ntv 650 for road use and longer rides. if i had to have only 1 bike i would be going for the xt 660 myself.

as it should be loads of fun on the twistys slightly heavy compared to say a ktm or husky but the added bonus of being less maintenance better fuel usage can go on motorways happier then a drz or ktm so longer trips are more in reach a really good all around bike that is capable and easy to control

Bloody hell I came to the right place here, you guys know ur stuff and the suff I posted was actually read, can’t thank you guys enough. Will obviously put up pics etc when that time comes. Cheers

Btw great help on the security aspect serrisan.

Buy drz400 from cooltempo…

MZ baghiras are interesting check to see what the insurance is like for a few diff models, I went for an mz over a ccm r30 as I got the insurance for under £179 fully comp with no no claims (all thats on the cbr)

Example of a baggy (not mine)

Saying that I’d love an xt660x

Cheers MotoDRB need to get my finger out and make a proper decision on this I think :smiley:

I had an XTX … it was okay but parts around the engine lack quality and the suspension is turd … the Honda FMX is better once you fit the full arrow system . … the arrow system is essential not just for show very much for go as the standard pipe is like 2 pea shooters … I went further and stuck a flat slide carb on it too ,once all that was done it became wheelie good fun .

I’m in the same boat and I’m glad I went down the SM route. I bought a 2009 Suzuki DR125SM and now commute on it across London with 'L’s. Seems like the best 125 for traffic to me - you get a high vantage point and its really easy to manoeuvre…and £6 a week in petrol. I’ll be selling it when I get the full licence tho - up hill can be a bit of a drag…

Get a DRZ400 :wink: Here’s my beauty

lexmoto lsm 125 str125yb I have tried to start it but there is nothing I have checked the battery and fuse and there are fine also I have cleaned the carb but there is still nothing any idea on how to get it ranning


Have you tried a Supermoto? :smiley:

Could consider a Pulse Adrenaline 250 or a Sinnis Apache 250. Both are Chinese, will be slagged off by some on here, but the Pulse is a brand-new machine for under £2000. My brother has been running the 125 version for a while now and it’s been fine.

MCN reviewed a few small capacity supermotos recently…

If you are interested in going the Chinese route, Spicy110 on You Tube has a Sinnis. They’re Chinese QingQi bikes and sell the world over under different names (despite Sinnis claiming it’s all their own design :Whistling: ) Spicy is a real oddball, but if you can stomach his chat, you’ll get a feel for what the bike is like. Not as attractive to the thieves either :slight_smile:

(Sorry, EDIT: The Pulse is a Pioneer bike (QingQi subsidiary)… before someone from Sinnis takes offence. Still the same bike though, despite what they say :wink: That’s why there’s load of Pulse dealers in the UK and far fewer Sinnis dealers… same bike, different prices as Sinnis think they’re the bo11ocks)

Side-stand switch… Common problem on Chinese bikes (and some BMWs). Get stuck in to it with some contact-cleaner/brake-cleaner/WD40 and an old toothbrush. If that fails, new ones are probably about £30 for your bike from Chinese Motorcycle Parts Online. :cool: