Need some m8 x 25 flange bolts

Anyone know where I can get some m8 x 25 flanged bolts in London tomorrow (bearing in mind it’s a bank holiday)? My poxy side stand has lost one and now it’s useless, found a load of them on the internet but need to get my hands on a couple of these tomorrow (Monday). They look like this:


lol, it’s worse than i thought :frowning:

The head of the old bolt has sheard off leaving the shaft of the bolt stuck inside the frame.

Soooooo, anyone got any ideas how to get the sheard bolt out of the frame?

Apparently I need a thread extractor, is this the sort of thing I can go along to OMC for? Is OMC open tomorrow? Cheers :slight_smile:

dont think they’re open but u can try calling first. you might have to wait untill the week to have it done by someone that knows what theyr’e doing ;):cool:

Thanks Jamie, I’ll give them a bell tomorrow. I don’t mind having a go at it myslef, I just ain’t got the tools.

Halfords have the tools if you really want to try yourself. I’d just use a cable tie for now lol

Screwfix for the bolts?

try getting some 2part metal glue and glue a slightly smaller bolt to she broken shaft? then unscrew it that way…

If not get someone in the know to extract it

…And make sure you get the correct pitch of M8 bolt. Standard is 1.25mm, but could be 1.00mm on bike.

I’m pretty sure that Screwfix don’t sell flanged bolts, which is good news.

Flanged bolts are the invention of the Devil and should be avoided at all times. Their only purpose in life is to make life easier for machinery manufacturers to use completely unskilled labour that can’t cope with putting a washer under the head of each bolt.

This also gives them the chance to stick the things in an auto feed air gun and cut down on the labour input costs.

Having cracked that one the same manufacturers then source these dire fasteners from the cheapest source they can find, apparently without bothering to find out what metal the things are made from.

Rant over.

Got all the bits from Halfords and fixed it myself, the bolt came out easy. This YouTube clip helped as I’d never done this before and the bolt extractors didn’t come with any instructions:

I ended up getting bolts without flanges and used washers instead. Centre stand fully operational again :smiley: