Need some help, Are you bying anything from Metropolis?

Ok this is a long shot but here goes… :smiley:

I put a deposit down on a Street Triple back in 07 when they came out, changed to a street Triple R. I waited patiently for delivery and then had to cancel. In short I am looking at being made redundant so won’t be able to purchase a Triple now.

I had to put a £500 deposit on the bike back when I ordered it. They are going to give me a £500 credit note from Metropolis.

Is there anybody who is about to buy something from this store, DAS lessons, CBT, new kit?
(If the amount was less that £500 I would get vouchers back)

I would be happy to pay these for you for the cash. This would be done in the store and you are welcome to check this before anything gets exchanged with the staff so you are 100% covered assured that you are getting a proper deal.

This would be a great help as I’m pretty sorted so don’t really need any new my kit etc and could do with the cash…

As for your incentive… I’m not sure about this… If you are interested in helping im sure we could work out something.

If this doesn’t go, no problem, I guess I could buy the most expensive Arai RX-7 Corsair Haga replica… :w00t:

Have you tried very hard to get the money back? Making you have a credit note for that amount seems unfair. Did you pay cash or on a card? If by card the card company might be able to put pressure on them for you. (Have known this to work in the past).

I have not tried very hard as I signed a form saying this is a non refundable deposit so Im happy to get the voucher to be honest. I have asked for the cash but they said no though they would be able to give a voucher.

I will buy some nice kit if this little idea does not happen so I can’t really loose as this money was paid initially back in 07 if that makes any sense…

It would be great to put £500 back onto the credit card but could im sure find something to get for the summer… It was more of a thought as I think a DAS course is roughly £500. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he’s stuffed because he accepted the credit note. I think that’s how it works.

I remember putting a deposit on my triple, but made sure it was refundable beforehand. At the time, the street wasn’t out, so they agreed it wasn’t fair as it wasn’t available to test ride first.

Someone will definately need a lid - or similar… maybe a small incentive to swing it…?

Yes incentive! :smiley:

Its like a bikers birthday!

Help me to help you! :P;)

What would people like? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats a shame. I spent exactly that amount last Monday on leathers etc.
Would have been happy to help you out.
Good luck

Oh well, always the way :smiley:

I would love to get a new helmet but have 2 nice ones… How many helmets do you people have?

Hey Phantom (baytrip)… gutted to hear you won’t be getting the street and I hope everything works out on the job front! I was going to drop you a line to see if you’d got yours!

I’ll ask about in work and see if anyone is going to have any work done… or if anyone needs any kit!

if anyone is having their bike serviced, I would presume that this could be used against servicing as well?

dam i spent 495.07 in there last week on some fairing bits for another lbers bike…