Need new jacket... What's in season?

My Spada jacket has lasted a good two years, but the velcro is wearing out, there are a couple of rips here and there etc… Generally needs replacing.

I’m looking at Held, and also Halvarssons… Got a maximum spend of around £250.

Rukka is out of the question but any other advice greatly appreciated!

I bought a Held jacket a few months ago and the quality and attention to detail is amazing. It’s Goretex and part of the Quattrotempi collection, which is incredibly expensive but I got mine half-price at Infinity :slight_smile:

Yeah been looking at the Quattrotempi stuff… Might be worth spending a bit more for a goretex shell… Cheers!

Yes, in my experience it’s worth paying more if you can. I don’t think I would have paid full whack though… It would have been over £400 :w00t::pinch: But I can certainly vouch for the quality, so it would be money well spent. But do check Infinity, they seem to have amazing offers every now and then.

Aldi ftw

Held stuff is great - getgeared is London (outer) Held dealer. Might be worth checking out.

We’ve reviewed a fair bit and all has been top notch value.

Should also check out the Alpinestars RK-5 Goretex - at the top end of your price range but available at J&S Accessories. I’ve been using one for the past two years on an almost daily basis.


Good value for money, works for me!

Hein Gericke have a 30% off deal running until 6th Feb, so worth taking a look in there.

If you current jacket only last you 2 years then it is worth spending the extra on Rukka…as it will easily last double that…especially because it comes with a 5 year guarantee

Call me fickle but I don’t want to be seen wearing Rukka! :w00t:

Will check out GetGeared and HG…