Need Motorbike Driver for 1 Hour (DSA Test) - Help Please!

Hi fellow bikers,

I need your help!

I’ve booked MOD 2 test in Enfield DSA Test center for Tuesday 20/11/2012 12:32.
I am planning to take it on my own Bike (Suzuki GS500) but I can’t ride it there by my own ;(

I will be leaving from Hemel Hempstead on that day (work). I could grab you anywhere along the way and we can “swap sits” so you drive me there :slight_smile: Damn, I can even meet you in front of test center!

Obviously you need a Full Bike Driving License and some spare time (Test takes 45minutes)!
My bike has full insurance, tax, mot, road assistance etc.

I can afford to pay you £30 and you will have my lifetime gratitude :slight_smile:
I work in IT and am good with PC’s so if you need PC fixing we can exchange services :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time.

Please email me if you’re willing to help!


welcome to LB

good luck finding a volunteer! and all the best with the MOD 2

I am too in IT and good with PC’s. is you pay good? mine is not

I can’t help in any case because I’m in the wrong part of town… but I can see several potential legal issues with this (might be completely wrong)

Insurance would be an issue though? As you’d have to get that driver insured on the bike? Riders are only allowed to ride others’ bikes if the bikes are already insured…

Unless you already have insurance on your own, which I don’t think you will given that you haven’t passed your test yet?

Sorry if that doesn’t make sense or if it’s wrong… I thought you were only allowed a 125 after your CBT and before your test? Therefore someone would have to collect you from somewhere because you couldn’t ride to the test centre on a ‘big’ bike on your own?

^ I agree, sounds a bit legally dubious to me.

It also sounds like you’re planning on riding the bike at least part of the way there even though you don’t have a license (and by extension, no insurance) - perhaps I’ve misunderstood?

It used to be quite a common practise . Drive your car to your car test . Tell the examiner your licenced driver has gone to the shops while you do your test :smiley:

Don’t loose your licence before you’ve got it…

If you ride your bike without L-Plates and a DAS qualified Instructor in radio contact;

you will be driving other-wise in accordance with a driving licence. The insurance will also be void which could earn extra points…

You can - go pillion for the entire journey and take your test on your own bike or get the bike transported to the test centre in the back of a van.

Make sure your bike is acceptable for test - i.e. the speedo is in MPH and not KPH…

How did you get your bike to the test centre for your Module 1??

If you do have insurance in the bike it will be void if you’ve lied and told them you’ve got a full licence. So that pretty much rules out having someone drive it there for you

How did you get to your Mod 1?

Hire a van and drive it down

Shame, Im working Tuesday morning other wise Id have taken the thirty quid and raped you.:smiley:

Good luck and hope you find a less selfish sponsor.:slight_smile:

The examiner is gonna want to see that you have the right paperwork for the bike - including insurance. So if your insurance covers you with an assumption of a full license then the examiner won’t let you ride the bike for the test anyway…

I take it you’ve got the correct insurance that covers you to ride as a learner and most fully comp riders would be covered to take you down to the test centre as a pillion, I’m the total opposite side of town or I would’ve helped out but from where I am to you would take anywhere from an hour or two with the traffic even on the bike. I hope you can find someone a bit closer to your area but do it the right way, as said you don’t need any problem’s with your licence before you start and good luck with your test.
All the best

Sorry mate working that day. Jets would be gentle with you as he has brittle bones at his age:D