need jacket zip replaced - recommendations?

I always wear my gurls knickers to leather fittings, and my lucky socks.

ltl_ally (09/01/2010)

I tell you what Ally…you can have my job…after this i am defo going into hiding lol:w00t::Wow:

wow that is some serious stripping that goes on in your workshop on daily basis waspie, can i come watch next time?:D:D:D:D

OMG…Don’t you start!!!:smiley:

Start what hunni? I ain’t startin anyfink lol :smiley:

start what stripping!!! :w00t:

if you’re gonna start having an audience waspie, you should probably get one of these

What get all you boys pole dancing!! :w00t:
This topic has taken a turn for the worse:D

think cookie lady would disagree with you there