need help with a graphics cards

hows it going people :smiley:

well…i have an ATI radeon 1800XT (or Xl i can never remember…its 512mb though) tried updating the drivers with the recomended update (8.5) provided by ati…only to restart my computer to have everything in 640x480! go to my display manager and im being told the driver is written for an older version of windows and will not work:w00t: so i go back and find an earlier version (7.5) and low and behold…everyhting works…except now i cant set my monitor to the highest setting (19whatver x something or other) anyone else have these problems with an ati card?

you should have made a restore point, then done a roll back…

you have my number you know you can always call if you have problems…

restore point would have been easier, but another option that may help is to completely uninstall the drivers and card via the hardware/system browser thingy…then restart and try re-installing

ATI have a catalyst untinstall utility that they recommend is used before updating the drivers, try that, don’t worry this is normal for ATI :wink: and standard operating procedure for Vista :stuck_out_tongue: its not uncommon to have to “roll-back” catalyst and wait for the next release, they are updated regularly.

thanks for the advse dudes lol restore point would ahve been so much bloody quicker…lol

well after messing up the graphics card…i went back to the web site and tried almost everysingle driver lol…i used that ati uninstal thingymajig (many…mnay…maaaany times) until i eventually found one that works…everything back to normal and now mass effect works! :hehe::smiley:

was gonna save up for a geforce 8800gt (not because of this issue just seen some examples of its performance)…what u reckon?

uninstall all the ati drivers go to and get the proper ones :smiley:

good choice and great value for the performance

thanks for the heads up orange spoonio and officer john kimble :smiley: i think thats the cheapest ive seen it actually!