need help: generator on my r1 is screwed

the stator and rotor assemblies are totally shot (apparently the cushes perished and its spun/chewed itself to bits). awesome :frowning:

the dealer parts alone are crippling. anyone know anywhere i can get these bits (other than ebay). any breakers etc that might have 'em. especially the rotor assembly

thanks in advance to anyone who can help

Ben, post up the year of your bike :slight_smile: Only place i find stuff is ebay…

2006 (5VY model so 04-06)

normally the same with ebay but no rotors going…

bad news ben…

if its chewed it self up id be worried about crap in the motor also…

i use this place but they dont seem to have a kit for the r1… you enail them?

il keep an eye out for you

Might be worth having a word with these guys ben.

They specialise in repairs and rebuilds on new and classic scoots and are not far, in Harlow

Hey mate. Cheers for the heads up. Sadly aware that could have already done further damage. Aparently alsovwhen they took the genny cover off some of the cush material went in so try are going to have to drain the sump etc.

Hadn’t seen that link before, cheers

and use a lot of engine oil rinse…I have used diesel mixed in with petrol in the past to flush my big military petrol engines…but I think proper engine flush would be better at removing some of the metalic parts which may have been taken into the engine…

Bad news that though, when I sold my 05 model i found i still had night on 3 years of rac warranty left…forgot about that…guess yours is well out of its warranty

is flushing the engine expensive? How do you do it?

Yammy warranty is 2 years and bike is a late 06 which is rubbish. Will however be writing to yamaha as it’s bullsh-t that this should happen to such a new bike and it was not fit for it’s purpose.

you a bit stuffed either way ben…

to stip the motor would cost a mint so you may as well just go with the flush.

flush it, refill with oil, run for few mins, put more fulsh threw, drain oil, new filter…

see what comes out…

the rotor fell to bits or just the genny?

What about stripping the motor yourself after removing it from the frame.

My mate took his 04 R1 engine out when it ate the gearbox…He said it was pretty simple.

For Ben’s problem, would it be possible to remove the engine and then take the sump off to get rid of any bits lying in there?

Ben that’s a real bast*rd…Hope you can get it sorted without spending loads.

Oh yeah and if you need a Yamaha workshop manual…Let me know…I can email you one…It’s for an 04, but most things are the same.

cheers afro, i’ve got the electronic service and parts manuals.ok so went and had a look at the bike myself today (the above info was what i was told)

so basically the metal blades inside the rotor clipped the stator coils and broke up as a result, with some damage to the stator. why this should suddenly happen is unclear?

the link joins between the rubber cushes have broken but the cushes themselves haven’t actually perished. so maybe the rotor was able to spin slightly off axis? bit odd really given what i understand of the way its held in place so maybe the cushes fatigued and allowed more movement? can anyone shed any light on this?

anyway nothing will have gone into the engine which is the good news. what the garage actually meant was when they pulled the rotor out, the cush drive with the teeth stayed in place and two halves of the rubbers simply fell inside the engine case so the sump will have to be removed to get 'em out again. doh


At least that’s some good news. Small conciliation I know mate but I guess it could have been a lot worse.

Just thinking aloud here so please don’t shout at me:P Do racing R1’s run total loss systems? ie could there be a race tuner somewhere sitting on a pile of unwanted stators?

haha cheers chunky, wasn’t a bad idea :cool:

however ebay has come up trumps again!! had a message back from a lister in the US and they’ll ship over. part for $100 and shipping of $30 so works out at £93 quid to get the rotor.

so about £170 ish in parts. will have to have a chat with the garage on the labour…

this is what the part should have looked like:




Ask them to ship it as a gift, if they don’t then you will have to pay import duty which will be 3.7% of the total invoice cost then the 15% VAT on top.

Mate, you’re lucky to get a specialist part like that right when you need it, well done :slight_smile: Sucks what happened though of course, doh.

Yeah been caught out on the import taxes before with some snowboard gear. Appreciate the reminder tho

Have asked for then to mark up as a gift but will wait and see if theyr happy to do it. That and I don’t want it held up by customs - the cheeky f-cks charge you an extra tenner to tell you duty should be paid and to arrange for delivery

You’re not wrong jay. Defo pleased to have come up with the goods within a week. Delivery might take a while :frowning:

That doesn’t work any more from what I know of dealing with international shipments.

The risky but only sure fire way of not paying shipping tax is to ask the sender to mark it as zero value with zero insurance.

The other way is to mark it as faulty as you don’t pay tax on faulty (non working) items.

Obviously, the seller needs to have a degree of flexibility with their integrity. :wink:

You can ask anyway.

Good luck with it.

Very diplomatic:D

well just to update Rhalf @sbkcity has done me proud - got the part late on tues night, dropped it off to him and bike was fully stripped and back together on the weds! all for more than reasonable money :slight_smile:

soooo good to be back on a bike :cool::cool::cool:

gift marking seemed to work fine for the shipment, no hold up with customs or fees to pay so thats a result.

cheers Rhalf!