Need an excuse to get on your bike this Saturday?

OPEN BAKERY SATURDAY - SATURDAY 10am - 2PM - ROUNDHAY CLOSE SE23 - pictured is the FAMOUS Smokey Paprika Cheddar and Jalapeno Pepper sour. It along with many other taste sensations, is availble FRESH FROM THE OVEN! Come on down, say hi, leave with some fantastic flavours to experience.


Sorry no picture, I know… but imagine it instead… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I might pop over, I live the other side of the train tracks to there.

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Be more than welcome fella

Market opening at 10 folks.Come find a loaf for a saturday sandwich, or a croissant to warm the heart… (straight from the oven, none of this dry packet crap)… or what about a ginger loaf to take home, slatehr in double cream and vanilla ice cream and plink in front of Netflix fo the afternoon :wink: Phwoar!

Really easy parking too… its a culde sac, so super bike-friendly… (no burnouts though please… neighbours are being very patient with me and I want to try and keep them onsids so this becomes a reuglar thing :wink: Thanks all, hope to see you. TOby

Great meeting you Toby, an excellent selection to choose from :+1:t2:


Inside the FAMOUS Smokey Paprika Cheddar and Jalapeno Pepper sourdough :yum:


Looks tasty, but needs lashings of good quality butter.

Is this a one off, or a regular Saturday thing?

I’ve just landed back at Gatwick so couldn’t make it today, but I’ll bear it in mind if you’re open every weekend.

I want in on some of that bread, I’m down that way next weekend if you’re open again?

Gav, that’s a better p[icture of the loaf than I’ve EVER taken! Nice work!!!
Pat it should be every Saturday, its only just started but that is the plan if I can make it viable.

I am, :+1:

It melted quickly :drooling_face:


Looks fab. At a wedding this weekend but will definitely check it out next week.

Don’t look now folks, but Saturday is looking nice ☀️and after last nights storms ⛈️🌧️💦💧💨 and with the onset of Autumn,🍁🍂🍃 what better way to spend a nice Saturday afternoon than breaking bread 🍞with friends (or pastries🥐 for that matter 🙂 . Saturday market is on from 10am til 2pm.

ROUNDHAY CLOSE - Forest Hill - Everyone welcome

If you’d like to pre-order, please get in touch. Orders are open. Thanks*MTYzNDgxMTIwNy4xMi4xLjE2MzQ4MTEyMjAuMA

One of the last chances for trusty old steeds to enter TfL’s Dictatorship of London before the ULEZ stealth tax extension comes into force .

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This is located just outside of the South Circular, so you’ll still be able to fill your bread bin in the near future without paying a ULEZ fee for the privilege. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am JUST OUTSIDE the ULEZ… SE23 2NP… still welcome and lots of bike friendly poarking too…

This week I have blueberry bakewells, croissants, pain au chocolate, GArlic sourdough, Hotcheese and Jalapeno sour, Plain sour (for those of a less picky nature), White and wholemeal tins… English Muffins, Home made oreos, bike parking and good chat too. Look forward to seeing you. Cheers, Toby

I’m not going to be up till Sunday now! can I pre-order and collect sunday?