need a little help please

is anyone close to Bethnal Green and ableto pop round with the right kit to test my regulator/rectifier to see if its gone bad as my patience and funds is running out very fast with this bike and cant afford to let a shop repair it
its my first bike in 2 yrs and at this stage is starting to look like my last :angry:

i can bring a voltage tester in tomorrow morning for you to lend if you want

i come down the A11 off the A12 every morning about 7:15 ish

that would be perfect thankyou, where would you prefer to meet?

junction Cambridge heath rd ?

ill pm you my mobile

im easy to spot im the sexy looking bloke on the most awesomest of bikes

i will be easy to spot aswell you will be looking for the equally sexy looking bloke with an awesome looking bike :smiley:


says the man who is discussing what indicators don’t make his bum look big on his Essex glow bike :stuck_out_tongue:

thankyou very much wise the voltage tester helped alot
and the culprit is …drumroll please…

the f**king stator is fried