Nec today

Check out the pictures I captured from todays show in the pictures and videos gallery. For once I managed to take some half decent shots lol

Didn’t see you there mate! We was there all day, man, home now and so, so tired. Full galleries and articles to come tomorrow. Checking out your pics in a mo mate…

Yeah sorry Jay I had no reception on my phone tried to call but couldn’t get anything bloody things. When I left I had all the days messages and voicemails going off at once Would have liked to have seen you too!

Did any of you try the off-road experience??

No mate didn’t get round to that


Missed you both, met Mark from the ace who said Jay & Foxy were about as we were leaving.

Liked the new GSXR 600 and 750. Check out the exhausts on both.

The R6 had a great front but the number plate holder, whats that about?

The new Triumph Dytona 600 very nice slick and norrow, the side stand fitting spoils the rest of the good looks, looks like an after thought tough we were assured it wasn’t.

The redsigned ZX10R looks very cool.

There were lots more but don’t want to rob foxy’s job…lol


oh! Xbiker it would be nice to see you there mate! You too yello…

Sweet pics dude!! Thanx for posting them!

Nice pics Tel. Looks like you had a ball.