NEC show 2023

Went today, and sat on a lot of stuff. Every new bike obviously had a big crowd around it.
There wasn’t as much shopping as in previous years. For example, I wanted to buy a new Sena. Couldn’t find a single outlet selling that brand. Bought an abba stand tidy kit instead, save a little room in the garage.

The new Triumph 400’s are really good, they’ll sell like hot cakes. Ditto the hybrid Kawasaki, I really liked that a lot. My favourite was the MV Elefant though. Looks like an old Caponord.


Does the Kawasaki hybrid look less bad in person?
.it looks really promising, but I can’t see why they have different colour lower fairing. Im assuming they are trying to show off its hybrid, but its looks like its been fixed on the cheap.

I was eying up the abba tidy kits too, are they doing a show offer?

Saying nice things about the ninja isn’t going to work. We still don’t like you.

Why do you need an abba stand @Boris don’t you remember taking it home on the train last year?

As chance would have it I happened to take this photo today, everything else had a relative show offer.

Just saw this on the show guide thing, I presume @The_Sleeper is going?

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See my beef here is that it is on a Harley not something I could see myself riding any time soon…

So not ruling out you will own a Harley

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