NEC 2005 show photo gallery 2

Hello guys,

I have just managed to finish editing my photos from the NEC 2005.

I probably took near 1000 photos but due to my lack of experience with my camera I could use only a few of them. Hope you enjoy it!

Very nice Cezar, esp the 675 Daytona

Very good shots there Cezar, especialy the girls…eeeeer i mean bikes

Great shots, Cezar…you definitely have a photographers eye.

The pictures of all the bikes look good too. LOL

Seriously, though…I’m wicked jealous. I would love to attend an event like this. Sadly, I’m not aware of any in this area. :mad

V nice Cezar. Keep up the good work!

Hmmm, where are the Ducati photos? I forgot my camera at home, only remembered at the NEC that it was at home, in the charger. Pixie took one of me on the Monster, though.

Ha, I thought that too.

Paivi - there was talk of Ducati launching something new. Did you see anything?

Top pics cezar,

I so want one of those new gixers!

Sorry guys but due to my inexperience with the camera I did loose loads of my pics… Some were too shaken to be post here and others completely out of focus… Probably the ones you are looking for are the ones I lost! But I’m learning and next time It will be better

I was up there yesterday and have some pics - some good some bad and some indifferent. When I get a chance I shall sort them out.

Still have not decided on what bike to get next. I did like the Triumph 675, nice feel to it. the R6 I have to admit was great, beautiful touch having the plastic on the swingarm to stop your heels scraping the metalwork as climb over the bike. Didn’t like the R1, got some horrible bits of plastic on the sides just below your normal knee position tat will catch your knees as you slide around. Gixxers all looked good, best display stand had to go to Suzuki. Sat on loads of things, time to start booking test rides now!

Yep, two new models, the new limited edition 999R Xerox (I won’t be buying this at £21k!) and Sports Tourer ST3S (nor this at £8.5k), they also had the Paul Smart Limited edition and the Sport 1000 there, as well as Loris Capirossi’s 2005 Desmosedici Moto GP bike and British Superbike Champion, Gregorio Lavilla’s Airwaves Ducati, and a selection of 2006 new models. Needless to say, I only had eyes for the 620 Monster… but I did clock the Paul Smart one, too, but mainly for the striking colour.

went up there yesterday - for me the best thing was that awesome hubless custom on the carol nash stand. cant work out how the hell you’d ride it but stunning all the same (maybe the stand converts to a footpeg?)

was a bit underwhelmed with the looks of the 675 and new style r6 - wasn’t filled with desire to have one to be honest.

did any of you go to the almax stand? they were showing how easy it is to bolt crop through the top chains - 5 seconds on one of the abus links…worrying. apparently the other chain manufacturers were getting the hump and trying to get them thrown out for breaking up their chains in front of people - there is allegedly going to be an article in MCN this week on how easy most of the chains are to break.

It’s about time all these security manufacturers are named and shamed although it’s the motorcycle press who test these products and give them superstar ratings in the first place… I found out the hard way:

I have spoken to the guy at almax and he sounds like he knows what he’s talking about but I still wont risk leaving the bike anywhere except my garage

Almax are indeed the dogs danglies. We have arranged a members discount with them for just this reason, it’s the only security chain we’ll put our name to. I strongly recommend people look into them:

cool - didn’t know about the discount altho did get a show price so that would have made up for it. my flatmate is in the market for a chain too tho so will defo come in handy - esp if he goes ahead with the planned chop in for the kwacker

is there somewhere on the forum that lists all the partners/discounts? (had a quick look but didn’t spot one)

really want to see how the abus granite stands up in the tests - it cost a shed load and looks like it may be barely an inconvenience judging by sunday…

You should get that Harley, Chuff. It was just your kinda thang

Now I’m getting on a bit want to go back to a nekkid bike, Like the look of the new GSR6, did anyone see how tall it was as I’m a short arse and like to keep my feet on the floor.

Still want the new speed triple but it would be a waste just for the commute to London and back which is all I get time for most of the time.


There was bikes there? Blimey! i hadnt even noticed.

Cezar, you have a eye for recognizing a tasty bit of kit mate

Nice one. I am well jealous. I WANT A ZX6…