Name The Bands

Name the band or artist (I use that term loosely :D)

Small faces, Supertramp, Atomic Kitten, Aerosmith, Lulu, The Thompson Twins, Neil Diamond, Blur & Radiohead? :smiley:

1/ Small Faces

2/ Supertramp

3/ Atomic Kitten


5/ Lulu

6/ Thompson Twins

7/ Neil Diamond

8/ Blur


Aaaah too quick for me Debz;)

As ever :stuck_out_tongue:

me too but I did get 8/9, allmost proud not to have worked out Atomic Kitten, must be an age thing:D

Bet I am older than you, must be a man thing ;):smiley:

Hehe… Nice one Debz :smiley:

Hey Chunky - you did better on my quiz than I did on yours :smiley:

I bet you aint, my boyish good looks are very deceptive;):D:D:D

I got 8/9 - I said Hot Chocolate instead of Aerosmith. :smiley:

Actually, I think that should be worth half a point. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe… I think half a point for the wrong answer would be very fair :wink: