Name that

I am not happy but can you tell how lucky it was that I chose to take the scenic route and not the allegedly 130+mph motorway last night…


don’t know the techincal name but is it the part that lets you adjust the chain tension/wheel alignment type thingy

Nope!!! That would have been not so bad!!!

steering damper? Though I can’t see where the force to shear it like that would come from.

My first thought is mirror, but that’s even less likely.

Chain side…not clean…adjuster on it…gear selector lever?

I’m thinking maybe something to do with the rear brake… maybe the bit that connects the foot part to the hydraulic mechanism?

Man you can tell I’m the kind of guy a bike shop loves when I go in and try and describe what I’m after

car or bike?

Daytona 675 to be precise!!!


It sort of looks like a bit of a ‘brake line bleeding blanking off’ thingy (Oh very technical :D) , but its got no hole in the end.

It is clearly something to control the tension in something, or the distance between two things (if a car or maxi-scooter I would say it was a parking brake cable adjuster that had snapped).

I would say its the gear selector adjuster.

I would get your chain cleaned and lubed as well fela, it’s looking a bit rusty in that pic:)


you people are all wrong wrong wrong… But I can see why!!!
This is a non standard, steel (not aluminum as it should have been) rear shock dog link!!!
The ****** that own the bike before me was so short that he had an adjustable link put on to lower the suspension so that he could touch ground but used a cheap part and it snapped…
Good new is:
1 I stayed upright (god only knows how I managed that one)
2 cheap thing to repair (and fast as will be done by Tuesday)
3 the guy on ebay I brought the bike from is a motortrader and although sold as seen, he never mention the part change and described the bike as “standard” so he is in breach of the description act so I had him to agree to pay for the fix
4 I still have a second Daytona 675 to ride :cool:

Not to worry, I am bringing it to you soon for a all over look after by P " i’ve got a mild case of bike OCD" J :wink:






Lucky escape mate could have been a lot worse. :slight_smile:

Are you exempt from british law or is your Tax out of date :smiley:

Chickenstrips? :slight_smile:

Soap and water? :smiley:

shouldn’t that chain be as tight as a nun’s chuff with the wheel close to touching the can ?!?

Jesus Christ mate! You’ve got yourself a drag-bike now!
Thank god you’re still with us.

Respect dude for keeping that rubber side down, I have had a rear shock fail on me before and the ensuing tank slapper was scarier than hearing the tyre shred to the rims with the pretty firework display.

Glad you are here to tell about it :w00t:Firstlight