Nails pls help

My 4yrs son started biting his finger nails about 6mths ago and i don’t know how to stop him. When i pick him up from school his hands stick of saliva where his had his fingers in his mouth biting his nails all day. His nails are so short now and some are starting to hurt him but he just won’t stop. I’ve tried those horrible bitter dips to stop him but it doesn’t work, he likes the taste of it.

How do i stop him, pls help.:slight_smile:

One way my mum stopped me was to give me £20 if I stopped for 6 weeks (it was a while ago!). Still bite them now though…

You could get him braces - and ask the dentist to make sure the blocks obstruct the ability to eat with precision…

Or just let him do it - because he will learn soon enough from the pain - and he will probably get warts which will have to be burnt off too - and its not like he has a job interview to go to…

He’s still got baby teeth right now but don’t you need to have problem with you teeth before they put braces on. He morns about the pain but it just doesn’t stop him. He gets me to put plaster then he off biting any another

Would giving him something else to chew on work ? Maybe a dog chew, they’re pretty strong, would last him all day and keep his teeth healthy. I used to eat dog biscuites round a mates house when I was young, didn’t do me any harm.

<scratches balls with foot>

just dont sit in middle of ACE licking ya plums mate :smiley:

Make him wear bike gloves all the time;)

Are you serious steve? Dog chew I don’t know whether you’re joking or serious about it, coz i would try it if that works

I would check with a doctor first but can’t see why not, kids put far worse in their mouths without any problem. The chews are OK for small dogs so can’t have anything that bad in them. I’m told I used to eat beatles :sick:

Is that where Ringo went?;):D:D


Yeah and I’ll get social services knocking down my door :w00t::w00t:

Mix something he doesn’t like with the bitter dips? Marmite? Soap?
Refuse to put any salve or plasters on when he hurts himself?
Provide incentives like cash or sweets when he refrains?

Actually, no, forget all that crap - HYPNOTISE HIM ! Works for Paul McKenna!

Well my mum said to rub chillies on his fingers:w00t:, thats what they do in mauritius if a child suck on his thumb but that s risking it because it’ll end up in his eyes.

just say OI you Noooooooooooooooo!!!

Yeah right do you think that works Eh NOPE. Does any man ever listen NOPE. Plus am i’m not there at school with him. so thats out of the window

I think the chilli idea is a bit drastic, as you said it could end up in someones eye. What about a little bit of salt when he asks for a plaster,he wont forget the pain in a hurry, it wont harm him and will probably act as an anti-septic, he shouldnt like the taste and you can always wash it off if you feel guilty.
Personally i would promise him that some nice man will give him a pillion round the ace car park if he does’nt bite them for a week…:smiley:

Are you offering? yes i suppose salt can work but i’ll feel guilty watching him suffer but it can’t hurt

get 5 finger traps OR show him this to scare the boy out’a it:w00t:

oh my god just that is gross, that might do the trick :smiley: poor boy