Finally an intro! Hi one and all. I used to work round the corner from the Market Porter until a year or so ago - now I’m in E14, still not too far. I always did wonder who the Wednesday night Hoon Squad was :slight_smile: That was before I had a bike. I have a bike now so here I am. :hehe:

I’ll try get some nice pics now the suns out. It’s a black R6 05 model, did I mention its black? :slight_smile:

I’ll try and be active. So laters.


hiya and welcome

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Thanks dudes.

For those that like to play with traffic everyday. I’m on the A406 from the A10 eastbound. Then on the A12 or A13 into canary wharf. 8-830am then 6-7pm back the other way. Look our for the stock black R6 with the dude in black with a black lid :slight_smile:

Got my bike from DWR, nice bunch.

Nice weather were having no? :slight_smile: