MZ - two stroke stinkers

This is probably the wrong section but anybody interested in MZ’s out there? -

I know that they are universally despised but they are pretty robust and go reasonably well. The 250 type two stroke has been around for years in ES, TS and ETZ guise eventually bought by Kanuni (Turkey) in the early 1990’s but with same engine.

yep mz go for ever i just dont like the left hand kickers arrrrrrrrrrr i had a 301 and a 251 funny little bikes…:wink:

I love them for their quirkiness… ring ding ding ding ding ding:D

Had a very interesting conversation with a gut at Brands a couple of months ago at a Bemsee meet.

Love the way they build their race bikes, so agricultural its unreal…lol:D

Hi Thanks for reply: useless with posting images but I hope this will work. Club is largely populated by grumpy older types, like me but love the simplicity and smell of burnt two stroke!

The odd combination of relatively high quality engineered components with exposed spade connectors and flimsy fuse box for example. The normal road going models are around 21/23 bhp (for the 300) but the racing versions are 33bhp ish which means over 100 mph (big deal).

Can you give me a clue with downloading images onto this forum, I tried, can you help with this url stuff. all rocket science to me.

Click add reply, click the picture icon (next to the world with a chain on it!) and paste the link to the picture. I think imageshack will give you various options.

Thanks for your help.

chopped commie version

Had a TS 125 years ago but only for about an hour…I thought it might go round a corner at 60 MPH and had 2 months in a hospital bed to reflect on this foolish notion…
Happened in Greece… T-shirt , shorts and no helmet:)

Worst bike I ever sat on briefly…

Yep, hence the forum name!
I’d always had 4-strokes, from a CG125 up to a 1200 Bandit, never really been that interested in 2t except that I remembered a few people I knew back in the '80s had MZs/CZs.
Anyway may last year I finally got some compo for the accident I’d had 3 years before, at the same time that the local ad paper came out…and there was an ETZ 251 for sale.
Turned out it belonged to someone I knew so went (same day) for a test ride and loved it, bought it on the spot!
Had a lot of fun on it summer '08 then the kickstart spring broke so i got the Bandit out again…crashed it, and wrote it off & bust me leg in the process.
Anyway for various reasons I couldn’t afford to replace the Bandit, so the MZ went from back lane plodder to main (only)bike…done rallies in Essex, Norfolk, N.Yorks (Farmyard) and Peterborough this year. (I live near Hastings BTW). Will sort out a few bits over winter and look forward to rally season next year!
I’ve also got an old TS in the ex’s garage, not quite sure what to do with it yet, be nice to get it up & running but keeping the ETZ running is the priority.
All good fun!

Anyone know where the riders club forum has disappeared to? Can’t find it on the usual website…

Dunno if this is the one you mean (I don’t think it’s “club” as such)
Simon appears to work.

Also found this buried in one of the MZRC sections websites; I think this may be a re-incarnation of an “official” club form but not sure

i know its a dif bike but m8 of mine his old man still has a jawa 350 with sidecar, lol.

I saw one down at Hastings last May Day. Looked pretty well made and maintained. A work colleague’s boyfriend had one when I was about 16… one of the things that started my interest in communist 2-strokes, it just took 25 years or so for me to get around to buying the MZs!
I’ve also got an old TS250/1 in my ex’s garage that needs restoring (not any time soon, as i need to sort my finances first!), must admit I am seriously thinking about putting a chair on it! Given the stupidly small prices these sort of critters go for nowadays, if I had my own garage I would probably start breeding the things; probably just as well I haven’t!
I must admit mine was purely bought as a fun thing to pootle the local back lanes on but it seems to cope perfectly well with being my main transport!

Great bikes! I bought one from a friend a few years ago just to go to the factory rally (Emmenrausch). All the way to the far side of Germany, about twenty miles from the Czech border. It only did about eighty five but the suspension and handling are great. Brembo front brake, too.

Was on holiday in Turkey and saw tons of them, most ancient but still going.

Looks like the Chinese bikes are taking over - wait till the Turks realise they only last 2 years…:w00t:

They’ll burn the Chinese embassy down and the Ambassador with it

Don’t mess with Turks in a temper… :D:w00t:

A guy I spoke to had been an aid worker in Ethiopia and said he’d seen lots of MZs over there too…I guess they will start to disappear as spares get more difficult/expensive to obtain. They seem to be hovering on the border of being classics over here… at least they are still un-fashionable, and therefore cheap!
Mine will just about hold its own in modern traffic; at least, down here on the south coast it will!

My first scooter ( used as an adventure bike ) and first enduro bike :slight_smile: