MZ 660

anyone know anything about them?
there XT660 engines in a frame made by MZ, and I was wondering if anyone had any expedience with them.


The one to go for is the Baghera SM, sometimes called the “Black Panther”.

If you can find one in good order with the adjustable fork damping (earlier versions), just buy it. Failing that get a “Mastiff” O.K. It looks odd but is a better package and has a decent fork brace and intruments.

Seat needs a re upholster with gell pad unless you are an iron arse, suspension needs tuning to you and your riding style, Mikuni compound carb takes an expert to set up, needs a decent end can (the original was built in ship yard in Gdansk and weighs a lot/strangles the motor) and some decent rubber. Recommend Bridgestone Battleaxe. The Original bars are cwap. Needs braced Renthal’s to suit your build/style. Braided lines might be good.

Don’t bother with changing the air filter, just chuck it in the washing machine and re oil it regularly. Change the oil every 3000 miles or twice a year.

How do I know all this? I owned one properly set up as above and loved it. (Stolen by scum bags in Woolwich.)

The whole thing is a quality bit of gear. I’m still looking for a good one but they all appear to be North of Birmingham.

Oh. It’s the same engine as the XT 660 but it’s not a Yamaha engine. They both buy the engines from Minarelli who are owned (I think) by Kawasaki.

Just do it.

tanks! :smiley:
do you know if an XT660 restricter fit it?

Am i right in thinking the MZ engine is air cooled ? if so its not the same as the XT660 as this engine is watercooled .

there is a radiator, is its either oil or water cooled.


do you know if an XT660 restricter fit it?

These engines have come in various guises over the years and it probably depends on matching the XT660 engine variation with whatever MZ you buy.

I think the answer is almost certainly for the matching Yam carb. models on to any MZ.

Back in the day they both came air cooled til the EU noise restrictions started to intrude and both have been liquid (posh water, not oil) cooled for years.

If it helps, Aprilia Pegaso trails used (and still use) the same engine which once came carb. equipped so there may be restrictors from that source too. But 'prilia spares prices are f’ing frightening.

I’ve got one and, much as I like it, I’d love another well set up MZ again. What I’d realy love to do is to take the best from both and build a special. But I can’t afford the divorce.

i was told about a shop ( )who are the importers for MZ parts in the uk.
I emaild them asking about the restictor kit, MZ make one, for £35

Well found Boris. I should have pointed you at them. (they took over when the very nice people at Southampton (? I think) gave up the franchise.

£35 is a bargain. Most Japanese kits are over the £ton.

Now you have no reason to not just do it. Find a good one, (Baghira SM, Black Panther or late Mastiff in that order for choice) buy it and go play.

Just get rid of the restrictor kit as soon as you can. As soon as you can afford it, do the mods I noted earlier. They turn a very good bike into a great but seriously under rated bike into a superb SM.

If you want to go further with the mods, the US monoposta racing guys reckon to get about 75/80 bhp out of that motor with absolute reliability. 90 bhp if your prepared to rebuild every year. Try the US “Thumpertalk” site for info.

Good luck. Let me know when you find one so that I can be truly jealous.

thanks :smiley:
I’ve still got my test to get done, booked for June - straight after my last exam, then i go shopping!

Start shopping about now. Can take months to find a reasonably local one.

Mate in Brighton spent two months before managing to find one (a Mastiff) in South Wales last year. He reckoned the journey back was about the best ride ever.

And this from a man with a road legal Kawasaki race bike.