myra hindley is back




Cor Westie…you been on the bravery pills ??? shes gonna get ya, shes gonna get ya !!!

someone is gonna be in big trouble!!!

but who from??? debz??? or the mods for not putting this in pics and vids??? tut tut!!

He obviously enjoys life on the edge!!

hehe yes i love it!, ooh go on fire me for it then!

Ok, consider yourself fired !! (before Debz does it to you, like from a BIG cannon !!)

You are braver than me

has she seen it yet? x

Hmmmm dunno about anyone else, but I would really not like to be compared to someone responsible in part at least to the murder of 5 children

oh chill!

That’s better

Don’t worry, it was a joke made on the night


no worries… just I know someone personally who was involved in the hunt for more bodies a few years back when they went back to the moors… really affected them as they were the same age as the victims in the 60’s…

mind you, i thought debz looked quite fetching in that wig, hehe, so did grim

Not as fetching as you in this wig though



Sideshow bob?

oh you bitch!

Looks more like Ivy Tilsley with those lips

Who me ??? Now where are those other pics