my word I must be a calm person

at the bottom of the A1. first roundabout. I started pulling away then realise the car was coming a bit too fast from the right and stopped. guy behind me ran straight into me! lucky I had both feet down so didn’t lose it.

got off, passenger got out and said “idiot was talking to me and not looking where he was going”.
Driver got out, I shrugged it off no-one was hurt, pointed out he’d snapped his numberplate on my back wheel, we shook hands then I drove off!

Red mist lasted only a few seconds! weird

nothing wrong with being calm in a situation like that! at least it didnt erupt into something worse!

main thing is there wasnt much damage and rider is unhurt!

I think you must of been thinking you nearly got splatted from the other car and a rear shunt was a mild relief!

Phew close call. Glad you and the bike are ok. :slight_smile:

but that pr…k wasnt looking were he was going and is left to drive in to someone els not right is it:w00t:

Glad you are Ok and well done for keeping cool.

I have to confess that shunting someonme in those circumstances is easily done. The only fault accident I have had was when I did the same thing in a car. At a juntion, car in front appeared to go, I was looking right to see if I could go too. Saw a gap, decided to go, foot down and full force into the car in front who had changed his mind and had not gone after all.

I was in a BMW 330 so foot down meant I gave him a hefty shunt - did not even have time to brake. £5k damage to my car with whole front end needing rebuilding. I am glad it was a car not a bike in front of me.

I had one of those at a zebra crossing. The people I’d stopped to let cross started wincing at me and I was thinking, “why are they doing that?” Then I felt the shunt. The driver got out all apologetic. I just inspected the damage and rode off.

It is easily done in low speed traffic. I’ve seen lots of minor shunts on the last stretch of the M4.