My turn - What do you think??

Well Rottie had his go, so is my turn. Went out for a little play with the new camera on Saturday, first time I’ve actually spent time using so be gentle

oh, and yeah the website needs a bit of work too. I put that together yesterday, so its a work in progress.

Really nice! I like it!

Great shots! You have a good eye (and a nice bike). How do you do the fish-eye thing? Lens or post image processing?

Good depth of field on

The Fisheye shots are with a lens, which I havent mastered yet but good fun.

That bike shot with the DOF is actually using an old point ‘n’ click camera, so have to admit it wasn’t deliberate. Thats one thing I’d like to crack, Deep of field so thats my next practise outing

As I understand depth of field. To maximise your DOF, you need to reduce the aperture and increase your exposure (with the shutter speed) to compensate, relative to what you’d normally take. The speed of the film is also a factor… I assume a slower film is better…

You would need a good digital camera to be able to override it’s automatic settings.

Good luck, Iain.

There’s some really good shots there Savoury… Nice one…

Really cool! First one is my favourite!


I particularly enjoyed this one…

Wow! Impressive! I’d love to be able to take good shots, mine are just holiday snap quality, if that…

Some great shots there savory, must admit i am still getting used to my camera so still at the holiday snap stage…getting better though!!

Really good pics mate, i particually like the light steamming ones and the dockers crane pics.

What camera do you use?

Its a SONY DSC-H1, a sort of semi D-SLR but not sold as one. Does everything I need from an SLR but at the fraction of the price, cheaper accessories as well which helps.

The theory is all in my head, just need time to practise. I went to the embankment saturday with the misses, and she was bored sh1tless with all the standing around. Good on her though, we were there for a few hours.

I’m actually shopping around for a nice digital camera…I have a “point and shoot” Canon at the moment but really want to upgrade to something more along the lines of my old Olympic 35mm…something with a nice lens, good resolution, etc.

Do you have a link for the model you own?

The DSC-H1 is a 5.1million megapixel, which today is about the least you should be buying for a good camera. There are so many with that resolution on the market, but they use a lot of memory. I’ve got 1GB memory cards for mine which don’t last anywhere as long as my point ‘n’ shoot 3million one.

I used to get 400 or 500 on a 128mb card, the book for the DSC-H1 says I’ll get 300 on a 512Mb!! I say this as you need to take into consideration extra cards. I bought the Sony as I already had them so save on cost.

Heres a link for it, with a review against others of a similar spec. As I say not a full on D-SLR but for £280 it is as close as. I’ve got a few lenses as well which were reasonably priced compared a lot, the Fisheye cost me £45 on fleabay.

It gets knocked for a few things, but generally scores well. Not hot shoe for a flash, or a remote mainly so if they are important to you then look around.


Good shots Savoury, I really like the blurred shots, esp the one with the yellow box and blurred bus. Very Central London and a good sense of motion.

Dunno if your camera does it, but have a play with the slow synch setting for the flash, and if you can get it to fire on the ‘2nd curtain’ all the better. Means you get a streak of light (as you have been) but then the flash fires at the end of the exposure to freeze the subject at the ‘head’ of the streaks.

Make any sense? Have a gander through your manuals.

Excellent information…thank you.

I’ll have a go at looking it over from home tonight.

Andy, that does make sense actually yeah and I’ll have a look. Would look better with a clear image of what was making the bur of lights.

KS, thats DP review site is about the best out there, its been recommended on here and by a friend who’s a photographer. There is tonnes of info on there, and well worth a read. Go through the reviews section, and the forums which has comments on the camera from owners using it in the ‘real world’.

Nice photos Mate i like the strand one

Some really nice shots there mate

But I would say to slow down your shutter speeds for your low light pictures. By doing this any people in front of the camera will not show up at all, this is good to get rid of the idiots who wonder infront of the camera. Best to use speeds like 15-30 seconds. Well thats if the camera will let you.

I actually like the idots in front of the camera, I thought the ghost effect was quite effective. I see what you mean though, and the camera will go to 30secs.