my terrible sense of direction!

hey dunno if anyone will read this, im new to this site, currently living in sidcup(south east).

i wanna go to the newbie meet 2nite (2nd nov) but not sure how to get to the “ace cafe” is any1 goin from the south east area, lewisham greenwich bromley etc. and obvs knows how to get there?? would really apprieciate it.

cheers matt :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB :smiley:

Didn’t know it was newbie night tonight. Might pootle along after work.
Anyone wants to tag along that’s fine, but dont go too fast!

I’m in Chancery Lane area - Holborn.

I’m off camberwell new road if you can make it there by 6pm;)

Just don’k park next to him ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Hi and welcome aboard.