My street

Woke up this morning to find this when i looked out the window…Canadian winters eh!

oops…heres the pic!



Don’t you just hate slush! Another few degrees and you’ll get the proper snow. I love the stuff!

please give me details…multimap…then we find cheap flights!¬!!!

That’s pretty cool, nightstalker-one Time to get the quad out!

Quad??’s -6 outside, thx but no thx…i prefer my b**ls to be nice and warm…besides all that slush is gonna turn into black ice tonight, then it will be one big skating rink

Cool, spiked ice tyres on the crosser and go ice racing down your street.

Cool! Loved it in Canada when it snowed every night…was awesome.

Amazing though how your transport doesn’t fall apart with 3 inches of snow yet none of our drivers, or public transport seem able to cope…

-6 I want my momy… No way I can survive! No way!

I love Canada,lived just outside Toronto for 6 months.
At the time, the coldest it got to was -4(begining of December), but it did not feel that cold at all. I loved it especialy when it snowed.
The thing I hated was, taking the dogs for a walk. I had to take one at the time, otherwise I would have looked like one of Cezar’s avatar animations.
Good job Cezar! Love diversity

-4C didn’t feel cold? -4 is for pussies! Try -37C… Mmm, nice!

But you could say that abot people who are used to the cold.
As lucky ones are only used to the sun, beach, sea, sangria… Should I continue?

Oh! Stop Nora, I’m sufering… Need sun

Cezar, book yourself an hour session in the Sunbed!

Paivi is right…-4 ain’t that bad (some ppl frm back east still wear shorts around here ),but if you’re doing about 120 klicks , factor in the wind chill n that quickly goes to -12 to -15…went to Edmonton last winter in January…think it was about -33 overnight…now that was a bit nippy.