My son turned 16 and wants a 125cc bike

Hey there,

My son has been going at me for ages now about getting a 125cc because they are a bigger shell and better control, apparently. He has just turned 16 years old and in the United Kingdom you can only ride a 50cc bike at that age. I am considering getting him a 125cc bike, but I was wondering could you get it restricted to 50cc and still be allowed to ride it? Or would you not be able to because its a bigger bike altogether?

All help is appreciated. Hopefully this will shut him up… and might get him to work early for once! Haha.

He can ride a 50 restricted to 31mph - anything else is illegal meaning that in theory he would be riding without license and insurance if he rides anything else. There are bikes which are the same frame etc whether 125 or 50, but the heavier the machine, the more gutless a 50 is so small and light is the way to go.

By UK law 16 year olds are not allowed to ride anything over 50cc with a maximum design speed of 31mph. this is not a power restriction like the 33bhp law, its tell you that you cannot ride anything over 50cc or anything that can travel faster than 31mph.

at 17 he can ride up to a 125 on a CBT or take a full license and be restricted to 33bhp

more details HERE

All seems to be overcomplicating things to me. Put him on a 50 for a year. Good things come to those who wait.

at 16 he cant legally ride anything bigger than 50cc,

he cannot legally ride a machine that goes over 32 mph

he connot have a license for a 125cc

he cannot have insurance for a 125cc

no what was the question again?

Why not just wait one more year then do it properly? He’s waited 16 one more won’t make that much difference.