My shoulders hurt


Need some help, shoulder been getting worse over the last year building up to the point were now every time i get on the bike it is agony, and the other one has started to go to.

I take a break from the bike for a couple days then get back on and its instantly returning now.

Pretty sure it is an erganomics problem, my feet barely touch the ground and I do have to reach for the handlebars, that being said I do try and relax and reduce the pressure as much as possible… so whats the solution

  1. stop riding - no way im going on public transport
  2. get a new bike - i like my current bike besides the only other thing i’d fit on is a harley
  3. ‘fix’ my current bike

is it possible to get different handlebars? is it difficult? while they are at it is it possible to get it lowered? how much alteration is possible and just how much more is the insurance company going to charge me for it and then how impossible to sell would it be if i wanted to? and how much would it cost to do this, and would it help?

Or should I just throw in the towel and get the Harley? I am 5ft nothing, with 26 inch inner leg I have looked and looked and looked for a motorcycle that fits, isnt pretencious, isnt too heavy, is a good commuter that can also put on the miles and I came up with the F700 GS Ralley LS … it has a 760mm seat height which is about 20mm too many it is already lowered and has the wooden plank seat, I can not find anything else, I am not comfortable on racers, I don;t mind cruisers but I adore my adventure bike.

I really could use an answer other than Honda MSX… unless somebody has one with a 800cc engine…


I would go and see a physiotherapist or chiropractor to double check it’s nothing else that’s causing the pain.

As for bikes, I know the Ducati Diavel has a low seat height as it’s one of the few bikes a friend of mine can get on without it being lowered.
Also the Ducati monster is fairly low too.


Have you considered the Triumph Tiger XR Low? a friend of mine is a short-legged lady and fits on it really well.
The standard Tiger 800 isn’t that tall either.

As Nivag says, see a specialist first. Muscle problems can very easily be not the muscle that hurts but the one it’s attached to the hurty one is compensating for. EG: you’re leaning forward to the bars which means your neck has to look up a lot more.

Also consider a set of adjustable bar risers for your current bike to give you some flexibility.

And there’s nothing wrong with a grom :stuck_out_tongue:


I had pain in my shoulder (when riding and playing squash) that turned out to be the bones in the joint rubbing each other. Got corticosteroids injected into the joint, much better now. let’s see how long it lasts.

So, yeah if it’s agony, time to see a doc


what Nivag said.

the bike is almost certainly not the cause of the problem, but is certainly making things worse.

I had a courier bag that did my neck in, but once the damage was done it hurt to ride the bike whether i was using the bag or not.


Time to see the professionals.

The NHS has made access to physiotherapy a self-referral service, you no longer need to queue up to see your GP about it.


Is it muscular pain, as in like a stiff neck? - could be the wind buffeting, And the stretch to reach the handle bars all combined with your head constantly tilted back as you over stretch forward to reach the handle bars. Maybe get a larger wind shield if you don’t have one and higher reach handlebars. You could try strengthening/stretching your shoulder muscles too


Have you tried sitting on a cafe racer, they are generally lower and pretty forgiving. Then you can MX up the tyres like the originals and live the Steve McQueen dream👍


Kawasaki W800 for instance. Just been re-released.