my next bike

Hello all

just looking for some advice.

at present I am selling me zx9r as I find myself not really using it for fun ride outs and in heavy traffic (which london seems to have everywhere due to road works at present) my wrist and back starting to feel it.

anyhow I was at my friends who owns a 2000 w reg vfr800 and a 2000 w reg cbr1100 xx blackbird and both are great machines. both very comfy and I find myself drawn to them as a more comfy commuter but if I ever do go out for ride outs I can.

Well i def know if I want a vfr800 to get the ones before the vtec.

but the blackbird does anyone commute on them? and if so is it the carb or injection version as I have read a lot of different opinions.

thank you in advance

Sounds like the last of the carbed Blackbirds for you !!!

Far nicer in traffic than the injection models and easier to self maintain/improve :wink:

that is what I was thinking

the zx9r has been a great bike to learn how to maintain the carbs and shims so def not scared of doing it again.

One guy in the office has always argued that FI could never be as good as carbed bikes and to a point I agree. With my zx9r it has never missed a beat dont get me wrong very cold mornings you need choke but that is it. Once it has some heat in the engine off you go :slight_smile:

Well I had a 2000 ZX9R and commuted for years on it, and now have a Blackbird. To be honest I think the ZX9R was more comfortable. Might be because I am a bit short for the BB, but I had to put bar risers on it.

ZX9R never missed a beat, except for the really cold mornings on the M25 when carb icing kicked in. Once or twice I could not get past about 60mph!!! On the other hand the BB is a FI version, starting is a doddle and not had a single issue.

If my ZX9R had not had high miliage (100K) I would still have it…

again thank you for your feeedback.

Well sensible side of me says VFR as it is cheaper to run than the blackbird but the naughty side says balckbird but we will see

damm 100K mine is a E1 with 29.5K so def has lots of life left in it :slight_smile: