My new ride muhhhhaa

2008 200 EXC two banger, yup its road legal

some pics from four marks today… tenner to ride all day

where is this…? i would like to try my hand at some off road hooning :wink:

Cool bike bro, I took my 525 out today and ain’t they fun :w00t:

Give us a shout when you next go down, need to get the YZ out again and Four Marks is just down the road!

Looks like you had a laugh.

Gotta be careful on that hard rubble on the flat area though!

yeah if messy down there, not the best off road center in the world but its cheap and you can ride where and when you want.

that was only my second days off road ridding so its a step learning curve!

arms ache like hell now LOL but its a right good laugh…

cabbie i had 450 sx moto before

and yeah they are about the best fun you can have on two wheels under 70 mph! thing is it was so much fun a just rode it all the time, every day!

which make for a least one rebuild a year! here easy to do but parts cost a bit, 300 plus for a rod kit… so this baby is staying off road! i turn down the moto wheels for it!

did look nice on moto trim!

looks good mate bike dont look happy tho:D you still got your moto wheels for swaffham


Are the blue wheels for sale? I’d buy them.

Lovely bike :slight_smile: good find!

Good job getting it dirty so quick, that’s what they are made for :smiley:

Were you looking for 200 exc ( if Yes , why ? ) or any 2t exc ?
How often top end needs changing ?

I’ve tested 125 , 250 and 300 and prefer 300.

Looks great fun!!

I’ve been wanting to do an Ady Smith off-road day for a while now. Maybe 2011 is the year it’s going to happen :wink:

200 super light and easy handling but still has good torque, you know how hard it is off road so i was looking for something easy going, its still ballistic thought! and just as fast as anything else in my hands! you like the 300 because its most like a 4 stroke dude :slight_smile:

a lot of the time its nice to have a smaller bike you can rag that a powerfull bike you can only just tap into.

come have a go some time dude :smiley: going to do an Enduro end of the month i think :hehe:

wheels for sale still i think, there in liverpool he wants 450 for them pm me if you want the lads number

Good choice then, just checked and 200 is as light as 125, 97 kg only but with almost the power of 250 :cool:

That’s probably what it is, 300 has got so much torque, you can ride it like 4T with just a bit of throttle.

I like enduro but also some trail riding that’s why I think bigger cc enduro bike will suit me more.
Another thing is smaller capacity engine likes higher revs so will need more maintenance !?

ooh that looks fun, must get a off roader at some point soon, prolly go halves wif my bro on a honda crf 250 or summit.

Looks like so much fun!
Nice bike dude…

Why do these kind of bike have such slack looking chains? Just curious…

more travel on swingarm on mx bike and if to tight will cause damage:)

ah yeah that makes sense… Cheers! :slight_smile:

Very nice Adz! Very nice:)

Great pics Adam, looks like you both needed a wash after that :stuck_out_tongue:

dude you should have took the moto wheels :slight_smile:

Glorious mud! :cool: