my new plate


I just ordered a number plate for my new bike, I wanted to push my luck a little so I ordered a 7x5, will I be in jail next week? :stuck_out_tongue:

what does everyone think ?

I’ve used a 1 liner and got pulled, now i use a 8x6 no probs so far:D

Depends which area u in, i rode with a 1 liner for ages in Watford, rode once to Cambridge and got pulled hmm…:w00t:

Also depends what font u have :wink:

like llcoolj said, it depends on where you ride if the cops are strict or not. 7x5 is reasonable tbh, still readable from a distance but not too small to take the ****

Within the M25 you’ll normally be fine with a 7x5 as they’ve generally got better things to do, outside of it, it’s probably 50/50.

When I got stopped for speeding last month I also recieved a free MOT courtesy of the Met! The copper went all over the bike and when he came to the 8"x6" plate, he said it looks close enough to be legal!! By the way he let me off with a lecture. No fine no points. Reeeeesult!

No points with small plates just a £60 fine. I’ve been pulled twice in Central with a 7x5. The small plates set off the ANPR machines.

Got 7 x 5 plate on mine, been stopped a few times and nothing mentioned. Not sure that small plates set off ANPR, as far as I’m aware its the recognition of the VRM that ANPR works on.

I’ve had 7x5s on my bikes for the past couple of years, in & outside London, never had any bother…

does anyone know if I’m allowed to put the old-style, black with silver letters, on my bike? would look cool

Only if your bike is 25 years old!

Dont count me on for that but I wanted it done for my SV and was given a straight NO from the DVLA

Don’t go to Wales.

I got fined for my 7.5 x 5

You break the rules so expect to pay the price and don’t moan when you do :smiley:

Shame…it would’ve looked great on my Triple…Cheers for that mate

I think you’ll find that black/silver plates were only legal up to the early (mid?) 70’s.

My '78 BMW air head came with a yellow plate from new.

7 X 5 plate is pushing (or is that shrinking?) the envelope a bit. Expect a nick sooner or later.

thanks guys, what about an 8x6 then, is that absolutely fine ?

Only vehicles manufactured before 1 Jan 1973 can use the old black and silver/grey plates. Since then the modern style must be displayed. Even before 1973 the modern style had been an option for five years so a lot of vehicles registered after about 1970 were originally fitted with new style plates.