My new Piaggio XEvo 400ie

Typical it would rain when I picked up my new scooter. Still at least it wasn’t torrential like it was when I got the X8 400- brand new tyres and brand new brakes wouldn’t have been much fun in torrential rain :crazy:

It had 0.4 miles on it when I rode away (very short test ride then…) and 32 miles on it when I got home would have been more but the heavens looked like they might be about to open any moment. In fairness when I got there they were still fitting the hotgrips so I think I rushed them a bit. The sales guy had to clean it up while I was there waiting.

She seems quieter (at least engine noise), and smoother than the X8 (though essentially it’s the same bike just updated)- probably due to 18,600 less miles. A bit more comfy too which I put down to the slightly redesigned seat which feels squidgier and that the rear suspension was set on the softest setting where as it was on 3 on the X8. Not that the X8 was ever uncomfy it was very nice but this is just a bit plusher. Nice to ride as well, though I was concerned about the new tyres. I did let rip once on the motorway, but didn’t go too mad.

Some not so good photos - dodging rain drops. LOVE the colour and the fact that the mirror backs are painted not just black plastic like the X8.

Like the digital display and dash which looks much more modern than the X8 - plus allows you to have trip/odo in miles.

BUT - what’s this - no remote for boot /seat like I had on the X8 :o Note a fairly neat job of the Hotgrips controller.

The remote is not even mentioned in the manual so Piaggio must have stopped doing them, but only very recently (perhaps for 2010). It doesn’t seem to be an option either.

This XEvo does get handlebar buttons for both seat and boot like the X8 though - plus also the Hazard warning switch. The courtesy XEvo I rode didn’t have a seat button - as that’s where the Hazards button was placed, so thats what I thought it’d be like. No biggie really as I was very used to using the buttons on the handlebars and only used the remote occasionally or if I wanted to be flash. Plus without the remote it won’t be as easy to lock the keys under the seat like I have done, or accidentally open the seat/boot with the sensitive remote and not realise!

The other thing was that there’s supposed to be a seat cover under the seat but the place where it’s meant to be was empty. The chap said they haven’t had them on any new Piaggio’s recently. A bit weird, but no big loss as I never used the X8 one as it was USELESS because it wasn’t waterproof!! :laugh: Having the space does mean if I could be arsed I could find a seat cover that would work and store it in there I guess though!

Overall I like the XEvo - the plastics on the front panels feel softer and nicer to the touch than the X8’s did, the dash looks much better and I quite like the backrest - not that I’ve ever had a pillion. I also like the new seat which feels more comfy to me. Other than that it’s pretty much the same as the X8 - which is a good thing as I always rated the X8 very highly as a perhaps underrated scooter.

I’ve gone over all the screws I could get to with ACF-50 already, but it’s kind of weird seeing all the bolts and nuts pristine clean. Won’t be for long I’m sure.

I Like it a lot. :w00t:

Very nice Carmen.

looks nice!! how many lids can you fit under the seat?

also like the grips. did they put them on? thinking on putting some on the scooter as well (for the wife mainly)

Well you can fit one lid under the seat and supposedly another in the boot, though I never managed to fit mine in there supposedly there’s a in-twist-push method I never got the hang of. It definitley fit an open face in there though. Under the seat I can fit my lid and theres space round it for other stuff like gloves and hi vis vests/ waterproofs etc. Had a lovely ride into work today. She feels SOooooo smooth, I thought I was taking it easy but looked at the clock to see an indicated 80mph… oops not really supposed to be pushing it yet. Though it didn’t really feel like it was pushing it at all. Felt like a queen riding it, it’s soooooo comfy. The X8 was comfy too but the seat on the XEvo is very luxurious, it feels like a favourite sofa… LUUUUURVELY!

Just re-filled the XEvo after (finally) getting through it’s first full tankful. Crappy weather and busy weekends have stopped me riding as much as I would have.I managed 174.8 miles on 10.63 litres of fuel which gives a cool nearly 75mpg!!! And that’s obviously still running in. I haven’t been hanging about either - I’m not exactly running it in by the book as I have been giving it some throttle and pushing it every now and then. Though I’ve tried not to sustain the “pushing” for too long. She’s not complained and it seems so much easier to go faster on this scooter without realising it.

Top speed on the scoot is about 93mph (100mph indicated) and I’ve got it to around 85mph so far but only for a few seconds (on a private road obviously).

I love it - for me it’s the perfect combination of frugality (£33 a year tax and huge mpg) practicality (storage without topboxes and rucksack you can take 2-3 carrier bags of shopping home from tesco) and fun - the 400cc does give you some oomph - of course a big bike (or even a little bike) will smoke it but on real roads it’s still plenty fast enough.


A handsom beast, looks fun. :smiley:

Old x8 400 ie

ive just put in 4.09 litres of fuel for 98 kms, by my calculations, thats nearly 68 mpg???

My daughter likes the sofa of a seat too, she says its a lot bigger than the 180 runner, albeit slower, she says its like a sofa with an engine,but she misses being scared witless on the runner!!!

no pleasing some people…:smiley:

LOL, the runner was something else mind you. I found going from a Leonardo 250 to the X8 that the same speed felt slower on the X8 a lot to do with it being a bigger scoot and not making such a fuss of going high speeds. I.e. 80mph indicated on the leo felt really quick but not so quick on the X8. In other words it was easier to go faster without noticing.However no doubt the acceleration on the runner was a lot quicker than the X8, but then it was a tuned two stroke with a lot less weight to carry! That consumption sounds about right. The best I got from the X8 was 78mpg on a cruise of mostly 50-60mph country roads. Even on a harsh commute and with me being throttle hungry on the fast bits it never dipped below 60mpg. It really is very good on fuel, I think the Xevo may turn out to be slightly better but I think that’s mainly down to better aerodynamics.