My new PAJ is here!

Well, I picked up my K5 Saturday

Did about 300 miles on it over the weekend and 1st impression is Fooking Lovely!

The induction roar is great!

If you mount a new exhaust on there, that won’t be the only noise to enthrall your senses Congratulations on the new family addition! Hehehe. It’s a great bike, love it and she’ll love you back. Shame it’s not such a good time of year to start to plan riding with it! Unless you go to the continent, of course.

Nice bike mate… enjoy…

Got any upgrade plans?

Incontinence pants, I would have thought, Stan.

what a lovely machine. good choice.


Nice bike mate, i should get one He He

I was lucky enough to have Jay’s K5 sunday before last… I am so jealous!!! Nice bike you have there…

Thanks peeps, you get an instant grin on your face when you twist the throttle,

oh and that sound, its bloody great.

Reckon Trumpet 675’ll be better…

No it won’t

Doh Doh Doh Doh.

At least it’ll be spring when I get it!!


Yes, i’ve already fitted an R&G Tail tidy and a smaller plate on the rear, that looks a lot better already, Especiay as the R&G ones bolt straight on to the original mounting holes / bolts…

I got the dealer to stick on some R&G Frame slidders.

Now its just looking at some Exhaust can’s, Jay has sent me some web sites and im looking at them at present, not sure which one to go for though…can we have a pole here guys.

which exhaust can do i get ?

OPPS need to change my picture now…

ps. still got my HMPLANT HONDA CRB1000RR if anyone wants to buy it ?

Well, if you wanted the absolute best exhaust, then there is no other, than the Yoshimura Japanese short race full system. It might cost you £1k, but it’s pure sex and will release MANY ponies, look impossibly trick, and sound great. Picture of it is in the wallpaper below.

Digging the Yoshimura JP site:

Nice wallpaper:

hi to everyone online,its my first time,just usually read the posts, but as exhaust systems are a real fetish of mine i thought id add to this,yoshimura carbon TRC is prob one of the best looking ,quality down to the smallest detail,even has yosh logo on the rubber round the springs,beautiful.i got a few from U.S.A, sold them on ebay, very popular ,I got a titanium Ti-force high level on my gsxr k5,very,very light and makes a beautifull noise! im gonna try to post some pics but my hands are getting sticky, exhausts, ohhh making me horny!!

Howdy, welcome etc.

Easy on the thigh rubbin tho…