my new fazer

Morning all, decided to take the plunge and get meself a new fazer, deposit paid today, and should be colecting next week sometime! heres a few pics:




Bike is nice but why there is a Suzuki Bandit label on the seat?

Looks good

Tank cover, top yoke, wavy discs and now a bike !! Next week a helicopter - are you a shopaholic by chance

Sweet ! And I guess new pipes going by yer avatar…

hehe, wavy discs are cancelled, tankcover is on ebay and new pipes a must!!!
it was a bit of a last minute descision!, im looking forward to replacing the pipes with a set of oval carbon cans!! hehe.

You must be a very rich man Westie

hardly, im just a bit of a impulse buyer!!

Very nice matey - like that a lot… but it’ll come from the dealer all clean and everything… what will you do!


I feel some pimpage coming on…

yes, she will be all spangly! and shes having a new chain and sprockets, i can pimp away to my hearts content!!! i have plans…

Very sweet mate!

Very nice mate. Gonna have to wash mine now.
Hopefully my new pipes will turn up next week but i think my top-box is gonna spoil the look a bit :confused:
Now im thinking a black Double Bubble and braided hoses…
Probly gonna take me a year to fit the pipes tho.

yeah im gonna need help too!!!

sobs whats gonna happen to my fazer twin??

i will still be your twin!! both our fazers will be well spangly! hehe…

nice looking bike westie isent the front view a real nice looker .

yep nice bike West !!