My New Birthday Present

I was taken birthday shopping a week ago and today I finally picked it up…

and of course one can’t have a new bike without the other


Nice one Hun, cant wait to see it …ohhhh and Happy Birthday…21 again…

Thanks, just got back from the Ace. Not 21 (again) until Thursday

How are you getting on with your bike?

I did a double take there - you sure that isn’t some fancy effort in Photoshop

Are they both 1000cc K7s?

Picking the big one up tomorrow, will need a few adjustments so wont be riding it straight away (no probs as i still have the little one) and then it will be the scarey moment of riding it for the first time…

Nope GS, I’m sure all those at the Ace tonight will vouch for me and yep they are both K7 1000s.

Glad you’re getting sorted, Jackie.

hey nice bike ang, well done!!!

U Lucky so an so…that is lovely.

Oh I say - lovely

How nice matching bikes.

Not for long Scooter Boi

Wicked Ang - I saw the bikes last night and they are sooooooooooooooooooo georgous. I’m not at all jealous, honest

Less of the scooter boy old lady.

Very nice matching pair (the bikes that is…)

two words - aftermarket exhausts…

The ones I want aren’t out until mid-may so I’m having to wait. New tail tidy’s went one yesterday.

That’s just typical People never tell you about “Buy one get one” deals till they’re over

Look proper though

Lovely bike !

Nice bike

As gorgeous up close as they are in the pics. Nice one Ang - looking forward to the next ride

Thats what I thought. K7’s on BOGOF!