My new Bike

Sweet ride - that site looks familiar though…were these taken somewhere around North London by any chance?

I rode the x11 and BB back to back during purchasing decision. The blackbirds was all out top end faster. But the x 11 delivers the power in a much more interesting way and it kicks in quicker. For a naked you don’t want to push it to far in blackbird direction and sacrifice the low end.

So do I go for the BB exhaust or not? The bike apparently gains 10hp, but I don’t know if that’s true across the rev range. You are spot on about the low down torque. I’m not really interested in a higher top speed (well apart from beating Rixxy) I most certainly don’t want to lose the low end, that’s what gets used the most :wink:

I’ve found a bloke on the X11 site, who added a pcIII and Delkevik headers. He gives his dyno chart before and after, outcome; less power and torque until 7000k. He was gutted. Proof, as if it were needed, that you were on the money again Rob…:smiley:

Good spot. Its a couple of miles north of Harrow.

If he left it at just the Power comander and used it to smooth out the range he would probably be in the clover .

whats the rear wheel bhp and torque for one of them half ladybirds then ?

still say you need to go on the blackbird page on facefart give the ladybird owners a chuckle while us carbies sit smuggly at the top of the tree :D:D

I think the X11 is down around 30 bhp on the blackbird . It dont look to different on that chart but that lump of torque the X11 delivers before the BB winds up its revs it actually quite noticable when on the street . It’s what swayed my purchase decision at the time . The midrange is near identical … and then once up the revs when your heads being torn off on the X11 the blackbird clears off … mainly cos of areodynamics and ability to hide from wind :smiley:

New bars, old thread :slight_smile:

still a sweet ride, get some shorty levers on her and ditch the fried eggs for smoked (lenses)…oh and Gissa go Mr :D:D

You need to adopt NumNums approach…wait til I’ve got off it to have a smoke, then shout ‘Gis A Go’ and wheelie off into the distance on it…:D:D

Shorty levers… now there’s a thought :smiley:

I made a start on the ally wheels and engine covers today, theyre going to take some polishing, but I’ve made some progress. I think its rained since I bought it, so this is the first opportunity I’ve had to get down the cleaning.

Need to adapt some bars ends too, Ive still got some polished stainless end weights from my Daytona, they’ll finish it off nicely I think. :smiley:

Stainless bar ends on my bird n downpipes now, polishing takes time may get 2nd swingarm n do that

Stainless bar ends on my bird n downpipes now, polishing takes time may get 2nd swingarm n do that

Looks good with its new antlers :slight_smile:

nice, what bars did you go for, and have you noticed much difference from the old bars?

thinking of changing my hornets bars

Wait until you see it in the flesh :smiley: MUCH more comfortable. Stainless grill for the rad next weekend I think, followed by some lever shopping, something in black perhaps…
I need to get the rad out at some point, its badly corroded on one side, needs stripping and respraying. Much to do in preparation for this freak heatwave we’re going to have between June and November :smiley:

Renthal bars

I wanted a riding position that didn’t leave me stretching over the bike, the couple of inches I’ve gained with those risers have really improved things.
I was a bit worried about handling too, as I’d like to get it on a track this summer. I gave it the beanz today on the way home from uni and it doesn’t feel at all light on the front end so I’d be inclined to leave them on for a track day. Less vibration too, even without bar ends.

edit: just seen your thread… Mine came about an inch longer at either end. An angle grinder makes em any length you want :wink:

Lovely wheels mate! Enjoy!


Shiny risers

It’s morphing into Sid Cuppe style eye candy :wink: