My new bike

Well new to me at least, but as you guys know I’m not that loaded so I have to live within my limits.

Honda Fireblade 2003

7900 miles (8300 now)

-Power Commander
-Full Akrapovic system
-Tail Tidy
-Sprint Steering Damper
-Rear Hugger

The bike has little cosmetic damage on front and back fairing. It has full service history, last service done at 6k miles. Also got new Pirelli Corsas with it. 2 years warranty and the price was £3800 (after hour fighting and he told me to take it and feck off from the shop).

nice one Tony, you got a proper colour too

well done mate, i really like those shape blades, loving the headlamp! ive also got a new to me bike, my deauville 650 y reg 2001. Im well happy yey

westie you got your deauville you should have said, i mean ive only read it in every thread for the last two days… this thing better be summin special to warrent a mention every 5 mins

is that a steering dampner i see?? you’ll need that for the blade - had to collect one the other day - bit of a beast - but really really nice - and it’s a (sorry you ducati pushing, gixxer - lacks originality riders) honda!!!

Hey trinoo, it looks great! Looks in great condition, and has a nice exhaust. Akrapovic make superb exhausts. Enjoy it! Hope to see it at Cubana?

Nice one Trinoo!!!


Sweet ride…

Sweet bike mate! Loving the colour too! Thats my favorite model blade after the very first model.

For all it’s worth, I think it’s a very nice bike. Not as good as my R6 of course, but…

all the best bikes come in that colour!!

Nice one Trinoo I think that blade is one of the best looking bikes out there, has been a long time favorite of mine.

Englands turning could and dark now so bright bike lights are important, but just incase your intrested I know a bike shop with two lens covers in stock both are see-through black tint but you could always painted one honda yellow for the full racer no head light look

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