My motos back to its roots

well my 450 is back in off road trim and up for sale sob…

she’s done 3 years on road and tracks and now she’s off back to the mud :smiley:

well sad to see it go but bills need paying (new van)

ill be starting to save for my next KTM straight away :cool:

so if you know anyone looking for a nice green lane bike point them my way.

and the new van :hehe:

dude!!! wheres the typhoon come from… i want i want i want :smiley:

trust a chav to spot a typhoon…

Give more details, price, year …

Nice Van :cool:


shame to see it go up for sale mate:crying: nice van tho, when you going to get the yellow gloss brushed on:)

I seem to recognise the area. I live in the next block

you must have seen me around then!! :slight_smile:

your have have the CBR?

Yeah, the noisy blade. I haven’t seen you around but I recognised tthe car park.