My Mates Wedding - Sports Car Wanted For Hire

My mates getting married in September & his girlfriend wants to hire a car for him to arrive at the registry office in - she got a quote for an Aston Martin V8 Vantage and it was £600 for 3 hours!

Anyone know of anywhere decent that could provide such a car for less than £600 or even better know someone that owns one and wants to earn a few quid!

Doesnt have to be an Aston but something along those lines would be be ideal - I’m the best man and I’ve already offered the services of my GSXR but his wife to be wasnt too enthusiatic ha ha


Oh, I know loads of Aston owners desperate for a few quid…

Ask on Pistonheads or owners club, probably get somebody local who has a classic Aston and wants a few hundred quid to help pay for it.

Dont see the word desperate in post mate - Just thought if someone knows of someone that owns one and isnt busy on the 5th Sept they could earn a leisurely few quid but dont worry I’ll try Pistonheads for a more enthusiatic response… :wink:

Cheers Steve


Here we go…

my dad’s ferrari?

don’t go yet, i used the wrong quote…



my mates got a fire engine that he hires out for weddings n stuff…any good?

my cousin has one…no chance he would lend it out tho, he’s a right tight bugger!:w00t:

henrys dad ferrari has to be a good shout!:smiley:

amazingly my SV shouts louder though:cool:

These places seem quite a bit cheaper:

And at least you get it for 24 hours so you could wrag the arse off it the day before. :smiley:

I’ve got a Vanquish, but would never lend it out. :wink:

Sorry mate - didn’t mean to sound negative. Tank’s always half-full and all that! Just kinda doubted the good people of LB would be able to come through on this one - seems I was wrong…!