My local council is worst in the country...!

I live under hillingdon…I think they are worst council i have lived under…they dont solve any big problems…but if law abiding citizen like me makes a small shed I am asked to pull it down…they also lost 20 million in iceland banks…now they r going to screw locals for the loss…

to be fair we did warn you about the big bad wolf and your shed

“small shed” . . . it was more like Alcatraz in your front garden :stuck_out_tongue: . . . no wonder they have complained. Try buying a simple wooden shed from B&Q and using a ground anchor inside it that bolts the bike to the concrete below the shed.

I think it is also the most expensive for council tax


Ok I do agree some people did warn me but if you see what others have done in that council you will be shocked…my previous neighbour had made side extension without council consent…other neighbour told me that the wife worked in the council and the husband was copper so you know why nothing happened to them…

It’s good to be privileged isn’t? :slight_smile:

You could always move out and into a driffernt council.

yeah thanks u gave me a million pound advice…as if its that easy to move…i dont live in a caravan…:cool:

It`s only a suggestion.

the wheels on the shed go round and round round and round round and round the wheels…

Well no, but you do however have a shed which you could put up somewhere! hehehe :P;)

Wise words from our resident LB Shed Erector;):D:D

You selling insurance now Pav?!? :wink: