My Kwaka Z1000sx

Bought from an LBr (Kevsta) - am second owner.

Standard 2015 bike - in the correct colour (Green) with a couple of bits (Crash bungs, scottoiler, oxford heated grips)

Lots of dealer stamps - kind of handy when you’ve done 53k miles. Never been dropped, just ridden sensibly (as you’d expect from an IAM observer)

Few marks from luggage straps / tank bag - but no dents. As you’d expect for it’s age.

Dealer has just offered me £2,600 as a trade in - so if anyone on LB is interested at £2,750 let me know. Happy to ride down and get a train back for that or meet someone at the station (am an hour out of Liv St)

Be quick to tell me if you are interested as will probably go ahead in the next week or so.

Tyres fairly new. Reg to check the MOT history is LM15EGE.

Cheers. BL

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Please share photos :slight_smile:

whats the replacement Nick?

Either the Super Duke or another Z1000 (or a Ninja as they are now called)